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New Zealand Now Offers VISA to Finnish and Lithuanian Citizens

New Zealand is a sovereign country in the southwestern Pacific Ocean. This small island nation of approximately 4.7 million people offers citizens of Bahrain and Taiwan a notably warm welcome to its shores. There are several visa options open to valid passport holders of Bahrain and Taiwan that allow them to visit and stay in New Zealand.

What is the process for obtaining a New Zealand visa?

Taiwan citizens can apply for a Taiwan International Visitor Certificate (TIVC) to enter New Zealand for a period of up to three months, with the option of renewing for an additional three months. The required documents for the TIVC include a passport from Taiwan and valid travel documents. Upon arrival in New Zealand, the TIVC is valid for the duration of the holder’s stay, with no additional fee nor need to leave the country to renew if their stay is extended beyond the initial three-month period. NEW ZEALAND VISA FOR FINLAND CITIZENS

Residents of Bahrain, however, need to obtain a New Zealand visa-waiver in order to visit the country. The New Zealand visa-waiver for Bahraini citizens is valid for a period of up to three months, with the option of renewing it for an additional three-month period. Required documents for the visa-waiver include a valid passport from Bahrain and proof of sufficient financial means during the stay. Moreover, it is necessary to apply for the visa-waiver in advance with an online application form. Once approved and returned to Bahraini nationals, the visa-waiver allows them to remain in New Zealand for up to six months. 

What are the requirements for a New Zealand visa?

In addition, those planning to stay in New Zealand for a long period of time or for the purpose of work, study or settling in the country, non-citizen residents of Bahrain and Taiwan may apply for a temporary work visa, student visa, visitor visa or residence visa. Most temporary and resident visas have a validity period of one to five years. These visas are also typically accompanied by conditions such as no access to welfare benefits and a ban on bringing family members to the country. NEW ZEALAND VISA FOR LITHUANIA CITIZENS

With its breathtaking landscapes and vibrant cities, in addition to its friendly locals and relaxed atmosphere, New Zealand is an attractive destination for citizens of Bahrain and Taiwan. Whether traveling for business or leisure, anyone from these countries wishing to stay in New Zealand should take the time to familiarize themselves with the visa regulations well in advance and apply for the necessary permits timely.

What are the benefits of a New Zealand visa?

New Zealand has long been a popular destination for travelers from Finland and Lithuania. Its scenic vistas, natural beauty, and friendly people attract many visitors from both countries. As it is situated so far away, however, it is not possible to travel there without some kind of visa. Fortunately, New Zealand has a number of visa options for Finnish and Lithuanian citizens that make it easier to visit the country.

The most basic visa available to Finns and Lithuanians wishing to visit New Zealand is the Visitor Visa. This visa allows individuals to stay in the country for up to three months, though it can be extended for another three months if need be. The Visitor Visa is ideal for those who wish to holiday there, as it does not allow for full-time work or study. It does, however, enable people to enjoy a longer stay in New Zealand, or even gain a better understanding of the local culture.

How do I apply for a New Zealand visa?

For those wishing to engage in activities like full-time study or business activities, a further visa may be required. The most common is the Temporary Work Visa, which allows the holder to engage in short-term contracted employment or paid training. This visa is usually limited to a maximum of one year and may often require the applicant to have a job offer from a sponsor prior to the visa being issued.

In addition to these visas, Finnish and Lithuanian citizens are also able to apply for an investment visa. These visas enable people to invest money in New Zealand and make a positive contribution to its economy. This can include opening businesses and creating jobs, buying property, and even investing in agricultural production. These visa holders are also able to make certain purchases, such as jewelry and cars, without the need for a separate visa.

Are there any special requirements for citizens of Finland or Lithuania?

As mentioned, the visa requirements for Finland and Lithuania citizens wishing to visit New Zealand are relatively straightforward. Stays of up to three months or business visits for up to one year can be made with no more than a Visitor Visa or a Temporary Work Visa. For those wishing to make a further commitment, the Investment Visa offers the chance to make a tangible contribution to the New Zealand economy. All visas require proof of funds, a valid passport and any other supporting documents necessary to ensure entry into the country. With these in place, Finns and Lithuanians can take advantage of the beauty and culture of New Zealand.

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