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New Freelance Platform

 A  freelancer can only be as good as the freelance platform where he finds himself and pursues his freelance career. The need to join the right platform to pursue your freelance career can never be overemphasized. The decision of venturing into freelance has to be accompanied by another decision; which is joining the right freelance platform. A successful freelance career requires a good platform and the worst mistake you’d ever make as a freelancer is to join the wrong freelance platform. I’m sure you know about the existence of many freelance platforms. Unfortunately, most freelancers do not have what it takes to identify the right platform that will accelerate their freelance journey and help them become successful. There are many freelance platforms but I can only boldly recommend one for you and that is UpMyChain. UpMyChain is a new freelancing platform.

UpMyChain is a very unique freelance platform that offers so much to its users; a combination of freelancers and clients. Clients that are  found in UpMyChain freelancing platform are very happy and satisfied people because they are opportuned to meet professional, thoroughlybred and dedicated freelancers. The freelancers themselves are grateful and overwhelmed with joy that they are a part of UpMyChain where they are able to earn extra money due to the nature of work. Most of the clients at UpMyChain are very considerate, humane and kind.

Why UpMyChain?

UpMyChain helps you to earn extra cash while doing other jobs. This is because you work online here and nobody stops you from working for more than one client at the same time. I’ll give you solid reasons why you should join UpMyChain for your freelance journey.

            UpMyChain Is User-friendly 

UpMyChain is very easy to use and navigate for everyone. You don’t have to be a professional before you can find your way around UpMyChain. You must have to follow instructions and you’d see yourself doing very well. At UpMyChain, you have easy access to all the tools and information you’d need to succeed as a freelancer. UpMyChain is a new freelancing platform that is totally different from the rest. UpMyChain makes your freelance journey easy and you are left relaxed while using the platform. Realistically, it is not ideal for a freelancer who is putting in efforts to deliver great jobs to also get into a struggle to understand the platform where they have found themselves. Such struggle will have an adverse effect on one’s productivity and leave you sapped and unable improve. UpMyChain makes it possible for you to enjoy the leisure of working part time online while avoiding the usual conflict of interest associated with physical employees and their employers. 

 UpMyChain Allows Freelancers And Clients Enjoy Work Safety And Comfort

UpMyChain provides maximum safety and security for freelancers and clients simultaneously. When you as a freelancer reaches an agreement with a client for a job, the client will deposit the amount of money involved with UpMyChain. On completion of the job, UpMyChain will release the money to you. That’s very simple and interesting right? You can see that the fear of not getting paid after a job has been eliminated here. UpMyChain has the interest of clients as well as freelancers at heart and therefore ensures that both parties are happy and satisfied at all times. The client is sure that his or her job will be delivered and if otherwise, UpMyChain will return their money to them. The freelancer is also sure that he or she will be paid after getting a job done. This safety and security is made possible by UpMyChain who serves as a mediator between the client and the freelancer. There’s no preferential treatment whatsoever and you can be rest assured that your skill will be adequately rewarded while the client goes home with a job well done. 

 Easy Payment 

With UpMyChain freelance platform, you enjoy ease of receiving your money after every job done. This is possible because there are provisions in place to ensure that you money will get to your local bank account as and when due. There is a hitch free payment system operated by UpMyChain which ensures that every freelancer will get paid at the right time. For clients, it ensures that you are able to easily pay in money into your freelance account to be disbursed to freelancers you engage to get your jobs done. This is the best there is and you can’t afford to waste any more time while people are already enjoying using UpMyChain to pursue their freelance career and making it big. 

        Improvement In Freelancing Work

UpMyChain has a unique feature where you have access to articles, tools and documentaries that help you become a better freelancer. When you talk about learning and becoming better as a freelancer, then you have UpMyChain to the rescue. With UpMyChain, you enjoy the rare privilege of learning while earning. Freelancing work becomes really interesting, fun and more rewarding when you are able to find yourself in a freelance platform where you make money while learning how to make money at the same time. The opportunity to learn that is associated with UpMyChain is due to the presence of so many professionals who are ever willing to share their ideas and experiences with you. When you join UpMyChain, you automatically start enjoying this benefit.

         Part Time Earning Potential

UpMyChain promotes the idea of side hustle in the sense that someone who is employed in a physical work setting can still thrive as a freelancer at UpMyChain. There is virtually no limitation to how far you can succeed at UpMyChain because the provisions are tailored in such a way that your desire to earn extra cash is possible. How? This is because your working hours in your physical work setting does not affect your performance at UpMyChain owing to the fact that you can work anytime you work. This ensures flexibility and independence. All you need do is make sure you have an agreement in place with freelance clients. This means you should inform them about your availability and take up only jobs that allows you work anytime. UpMyChain has got you covered however you want it.

                Legal Advice

UpMyChain also provides legal advice to clients and freelancers alike. To this end, you can always reach out to the platform to guide you on any matter that you do not have enough legal knowledge of. If a client or a freelancer wants you to do something that you do not understand it’s legal implications, you can reach out to the platform to help guide you. This helps to protect you against fraud and manipulation. It also saves you from getting into danger. There are times when clients or freelancers will want you to sign a form of employment contract. This is really not appropriate because freelance is an independent system and not a form of employment.

         Time Management

UpMyChain freelance platform allows for flexibility. This is not a full time job where you have to be available all the time. This is why there is a notification system where clients and freelancers are usually updated on happenings on the platform. This means that you can always know what is going on on the platform even when you are busy with other things. This helps you manage your time as you can achieve alot simultaneously. To be able to work from home, you should learn to manage your time. UpMyChain makes time management easy and possible. A full time employer tries to take all your time leaving you with little to no time for self improvement. Freelancing jobs allow you to have enough time for pleasure, work, rest and every other aspect of your life.

However, this is only possible when you are on the right platform. UpMyChain is that freelance platform that can allow you work full time on other physical jobs while doing time jobs on the platform. Time jobs are jobs that you allocate a specific time for and there are of them on UpMyChain.

How To Join UpMyChain?

To join UpMyChain, you have to do the following.

  1. Sign up with at UpMyChain.com
  2. Create a unique profile detailing your skills and the services you can render
  3. Show your availability in specific time and the relevant pay.

For the client, you have to do the following

  1. Sign up at UpMyChain.com
  2. Search for a professional. There are well over 12000 freelancers at UpMyChain marketplace, so you should do well to search for the exact kind of freelancer you need for your job. 
  3. View the profile information and read reviews about the freelancers. When you are given a result of available freelancers for the job you want to be done, do well to read up about them before making any decision.
  4. Engage the freelancer. When you are satisfied with any particular freelancer, do well to share the details of the job with them and allow them to do what they know how to do best. 

Easy Answers

  1. UpMyChain is  user friendly
  2. UpMyChain allows freelancers and clients enjoy work safety and comfort
  3. Easy payment 
  4. Improvement in freelancing work
  5. Part time earning potential
  6. Legal advice
  7. Time management

If you found this article helpful, do well to leave a comment using the comment box below. Ensure you sign up to UpMyChain now.

Uneeb Khan
Uneeb Khan
Uneeb Khan CEO at blogili.com. Have 4 years of experience in the websites field. Uneeb Khan is the premier and most trustworthy informer for technology, telecom, business, auto news, games review in World.

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