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New AlpenKraft® shower head save water

I always had cheap shower heads before. They certainly do their job, but if you buy this luxury shower head, you have a device in front of you that convinces both haptically and visually. It looks and feels valuable. However, it is also slightly heavier than the cheap shower heads. If you are not exactly weak, Quelle or have extremely small hands, this is not a problem. The water savings of about 40% are also noticeable. Compared to a conventional shower head – with a shower hose of 1.60 meters in length – it is delayed by about one second at about “normal” radiance until the heat change arrives – compared to the old shower head. For me, this is proof that water savings are really being achieved. Also depends a bit on how far you turn on the tap. The switch between modes has fixed resting points, which indicates quality, it locks – felt – well on when switching.

New AlpenKraft® shower head

The pearls are a pretty optical gadget. To what extent they really filter something I can not judge. But they look good and should be renewed every 6 to 8 months according to the manufacturer. I saw a pack of pearls here on Amazon for 20 euros. The fine-pored shower disc, Quelle through which fine water jets penetrate, should be placed in vinegar for a few hours every 6 weeks. A replacement disc for this process was included.

The best shower head New AlpenKraft® shower head

I myself have only tried the rain mode. It feels pleasant and even. The other modes I only turned on the first try, worked perfectly. So far, all family members are satisfied with it. If you want to change the shower head, that’s no problem. A small bag for keeping a rest was also included. My conclusion is that when you buy this shower head for around 50 euros you get a fair consideration.

I have had many shower heads in my life, including a fixed sports shower from hansgrohe, which was firmly mounted and always good.

This one is at least as good from the soft jet shower, I don’t need the other settings. After a few days, the metal ring loosened a bit, so the water splashed out. A short contact with the manufacturer: There was a wrong batch of these metal rings for delivery. A few days later, the delivery of the spare part. Since then – and this has been a few months now – the shower head has been running smoothly.

Water saving is very good. AlpenKraft®

The construction is not simple, but transparent and you can get all spare parts – if necessary. The metal sieve is present twice, so that there is always enough time to descale the other if necessary.

Whether the balls have to be replaced or irrelevant for the function, that will turn out. All previous shower heads had no balls in them.

My clear recommendation for this product: Super comfort for a comparatively moderate price. I wouldn’t even seriously consider the Billo replicas. The mechanical structure and the quality of the components are not that simple either.

Device worked after first installation as described: good beam distribution in all settings, very nice feeling on the skin. But after a 3-week holiday, of course, almost all the holes in the blasting disc were clogged, as they are also very small (we have very hard water here).

So swap discs. Metal ring screwed on, disc removed and water turned up again by the open shower head – but you should avoid this as much as possible, because then the inner insert may come to you, including a spring and 2 8mm glass balls, which of course promptly disappeared in the drain of the bathtub.

So posted on Amazon what to do now.

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