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Naruto Filler to Skip – Why You Shouldn’t Watch It

The Naruto filler episodes are some of the funniest shows on television, but people often wonder why they never made it to the big screen. The problem is that many filler episodes of Naruto are never shown in the American version because they are considered too short. There are several reasons why this happens, but the main one is that the US viewers don’t like to see filler episodes after they’ve finishes watching the show. Every time a new episode comes out, fans want their favorite characters added in. Even if it’s just a few seconds in, it makes the show so much better.

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So how do you get around this? You could simply skip them altogether. This is a big feat for the creators, and it took them almost 15 years to finally come up with the episode that they wanted to make. That’s why this episode wasn’t adapted from the anime, you need to skip those episodes by all means, at least till the next season. The problem is that the Naruto fans expect to see their favorite characters in it, such as Naruto Shippudden and other related characters. The biggest reason they want those to be in the filler is because the show is always showing the village’s progress, and they want to see how much their beloved village has improved.

The naruto filler episodes are not perfect by any standards. They have their moments, but they are not something that makes you scream and jump out of your seat with excitement. One major issue with the filler episodes is that the animation is pretty poor. It isn’t good enough to make you want to watch the next episode, it is often times boring and uninteresting, even for hardcore Naruto fans. The art may look nice, but the drawing of the characters is just terrible.

But here’s the thing, if you’re a Naruto fan, the filler episodes of naruto shippuden aren’t going to bug you too much. It’s only supposed to be a special treat for Naruto fans, as well as to make the fans happy with the end of the series. If that was the case then the Naruto filler episodes wouldn’t be worth watching, but it’s actually the exact opposite. If you’ve never been a fan of naruto then the filler episodes are the perfect way to kill your boredom while waiting for the new season.

The greatest sin of shippuden’s greatest sin is it’s filler. The filler is what makes this series what it is. Most of the anime fans will start off loving naruto so much that they’ll practically riot when the series ends. This is why I hate filler. I hate that the show decides to give you filler episodes and not have them end in favor with the main storyline.

So what can you do if you watch the anime, you can always watch a naruto series with no filler episode at all. That’s a bit extreme though, so we’ll talk about the next option. I’m talking about combining the two main anime pfp series into one. Right now, we have Naruto and Shippuden. If you combine these two shows together, then you get Naruto Shippudden with Naruto filler episodes. For those of you who didn’t catch Naruto Shippudden, I’ll mention the main shows again, so you can get a good idea.

Now we come to the point where some people say “filler is bad, because it makes my entire series pointless”. First off, this isn’t true, because there is only one main story in naruto shippuden filler episodes, and that’s the story of Naruto. There are other characters and stories, but they’re not the focus of the series. And since the main story is about Naruto, it makes sense that you’d want to see more of him, especially if you’ve been watching the show for a while. The point I’m trying to make here is, that you shouldn’t limit yourself to watching one show, especially if you’re only a fan of one of the two main characters.

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You shouldn’t feel limited to just watching the Naruto filler episodes, or to just watching the Naruto movies or the naruto action movies. Because, as we’ve established before, it would be pretty stupid to only watch the filler episodes of naruto shippuden, because there are so much more to see. If you feel like you can only watch Naruto filler episodes, that’s your own problem to deal with, and not how to keep up with the growing number of shows that you like. There are tons of TV channels, websites, and even apps that allow you to keep track of your favorite shows, so you don’t need to worry about only watching one or two of the Naruto filler episodes.

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So, if you do decide to watch the Naruto filler episodes of naruto shippuden, but you feel like you can do better, than just to see what happens, then by all means, check out our naruto shippuden filler list to skip the filler episodes of naruto shippuden. You will be able to enjoy watching the original anime series while you wait for the full version to come out on DVD or other media release. It’s not hard to find them, so there’s really no excuse here. I don’t know why the producers leave such a big part of the show out, but at least you have my guess.

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