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Myths About Real Christmas Trees

Many myths make people think that artificial Christmas trees are better, but many people don’t realize how many real Christmas tree advantages there are. No tree is perfect, and real trees do require a little more maintenance, but many of the concerns people have about real trees are either flat-out wrong or not as detrimental as they may think.

Real Christmas Trees are Too Expensive

While the price can vary based on where you are, the average real Christmas tree is less expensive than the average artificial Christmas tree. Granted, most people use artificial trees multiple times, but artificial trees can start to lose their luster even after just a couple years! Therefore, it’s not that much of a splurge to buy a real Christmas tree in Boston, and with careful budgeting, you can incorporate one into your Christmas plans.

Real Trees are a Pain

Because real trees require more maintenance, such as having to water them and clean up needles, people are often hesitant to bring them into their homes. These concerns are valid, but you don’t have to do that much to maintain your tree. Watering your tree once or day (or as it runs out) is the main thing you have to do to have an easy experience with your tree. If you keep your tree wet, it will retain its needles better, saving you from a terrible cleanup.

If I Get a Real Tree, It Won’t Last

People have concerns that a real tree won’t last through the holiday, but this is not true. Even if you get your tree as early as the day after Thanksgiving, your tree will look good throughout the holiday season. The key is that you must water your tree and make sure it doesn’t dry up during that time.

Christmas Trees Are Bad For Allergies

It’s true that some people can be allergic to tree sap and pollen, but generally, this isn’t a major problem for most people. The pollen isn’t usually a problem in the winter because the trees aren’t producing it. Thus, occasionally people might have allergy issues, but dusty artificial trees can cause worse allergy problems.

My Christmas Tree Will Destroy the Forest

The truth is that a real Christmas tree is the most environmentally friendly Christmas tree. Trees are not being chopped from the forest. Rather, farmers grow the trees on dedicated farms, and they replant the trees they cut down so that they always have a stock of trees each year.

Trees Go to Landfills

Real trees do go to landfills on occasion, but this is usually not the case, and by disposing of your tree properly, you can make sure that it doesn’t end up in a landfill. During the first two weeks of the new year, most neighborhoods have tree collections. During these times, residents can put out their trees, and those trees will be taken to be recycled. Recycled trees are put in a wood chipper and are used for compost.

They Use Chemicals on Real Trees

Understandably, tree shoppers are concerned about being exposed to pesticides and chemicals used to farm trees, but you don’t have to worry about this point because farmers must follow government safety standards, and no research has linked negative health outcomes to chemicals on Christmas trees. Farmers must abide by strict guidelines as to when and how they can use pesticides.

Meanwhile, plastic trees are very much made of chemicals, and potential harm has been linked to plastic.Dust from these trees could potentially cause health issues, but science is still developing on the dangers of plastic items. While there’s no need to panic if you use fake trees, it’s clear that real trees do not pose more chemical risks.

Real Trees are Wasteful Compared to Artificial Trees that Can Be Reused

Yes, you can reuse artificial trees, but the problem is that an artificial tree is always going to end up in a landfill. A tree is natural, so it decomposes, while plastic lingers on the earth. Real trees can be recycled, which lessens their impact. Additionally, the creation of artificial trees creates huge carbon emissions, so from the beginning of the artificial tree’s life, it already has had a huge environmental impact. That doesn’t mean you can’t have an artificial tree, but the evidence clearly shows that the artificial tree is less environmentally friendly.

Trees are a Fire Hazard

Anything electrical can be a fire hazard, and while there’s a tiny 0.0004% chance or a tree catching on fire, this worry is overstated. Real trees are generally safe. Taking care of your tree can reduce negative consequences if there is a fire. A dry tree will ignite much faster than a wet one. The bottom line is that you don’t have to lose sleep over the thought of a Christmas tree fire.

It Doesn’t Make That Much of a Difference

Having a real tree can make a huge difference in your holiday season. There’s something so exciting and festive about having that real tree in your house. A real Christmas tree can create memorable holiday memories. The fragrance and energy of the real tree fill the room with Christmas spirit.

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