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Minimalist Flower Jewellery

Flower motifs have long been a part of jewellery design, but modern artists are treating flowers in more imaginative ways. Using unconventional materials, and experimenting with gemstone settings, contemporary designers have created pieces that are as beautiful as they are extraordinary.

From statement necklaces and sculptural brooches to minimalist floral hair accessories, there’s something for everyone here. Whether you’re looking for a small, delicate piece or a bold, big-bang style, these ten flower-inspired pieces are sure to be perfect.

Minimalist Necklaces

Minimalist necklaces are the perfect way to add a touch of glam without taking too much attention away from your look. They can be simple gold designs with a small stone accent or even silver ones that are a little bit more elaborate.

Minimalistic necklaces are also an incredibly easy and versatile style to wear. You can pair them with a variety of outfits, from casual to formal, and they’ll always look gorgeous!

Another popular minimalist jewelry trend is layered chain necklaces. You can create this look by layering different sizes and lengths of links together to get a more refined effect.

If you’re a fan of this Minimalist flower jewellery trend, we recommend starting off with a simple gold chain that’s either single strand or a chunky link style. You can then add other minimalist necklaces and bracelets to this piece until you’ve got the look you love.

Statement Necklaces

Statement necklaces are a fun way to add a splash of colour and excitement to any outfit. They can elevate an everyday t-shirt and jeans combo to the next level or bring a fanciest dress look to life.

These necklaces can come in a range of different styles and can be made from many materials. Some are delicate and can be worn with a basic top or a long t-shirt, others can be a little thicker and can work better layered with other necklaces.

A bib necklace can be an excellent choice for those who want to make a big statement without going too dramatic. They are usually a little thicker than a choker and will fit most body shapes.

Choker necklaces are another popular choice and are a great way to spice up your wardrobe without making an overwhelming statement. However, it’s important to be careful with these as they can sometimes become too chunky and may not be comfortable if you’re wearing them a lot.


Floral jewellery is a perennial source of inspiration for jewellers, with each season bringing a new modern take on this romantic motif. This collection from Elena Sardo, a designer with an architecture degree and a background in fashion, is all about minimalist silhouettes; off-beat shapes and streamlined 18ct gold, silver and precious stones.

Flower jewelry is an easy way to add a touch of whimsy to your day-of look without going overboard. From simple stud earrings to bold blooms, floral-inspired pieces are an excellent choice for any style and wedding theme.

If you’re feeling more daring, choose a pair of large, statement earrings like these tassel florals. They’re a great way to show off your personality and add a touch of glamour to your look.


If you’re feeling like wearing flower jewellery but don’t want to overdo it, we’ve got some great ideas for you. The first is to avoid floral studs altogether and instead pair them with some other colorful pieces, such as gold-plated earrings or sterling silver necklaces from top-notch brands.

Another way to inject a little flower power into your look is with a statement bracelet. Whether you go for a delicate Czech glass flower beaded piece or a sculptural avant-garde design, these casual styles are oh-so-sweet and versatile.

Floral motifs have long been an integral part of jewellery design, with a range of contemporary artists bringing a fresh twist to the traditional motif. From Boodles’ dazzling Blossom collection to Carla Amorim’s forest-inspired floral chains, there are plenty of pretty options for you to try out this season.

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