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MDR Abolition: A New Era for Property Taxes in the UK 

The UK property market is no stranger to tax reforms, but the Abolishment of the Multiple Dwellings Relief (MDR) has ignited great discussion. For years, MDR provided significant tax relief to property investors purchasing multiple dwellings in a single transaction. Its removal marks a pivotal shift in the property taxation sector, indicating a new era for buyers and investors alike. 

What Is Multiple Dwellings Relief (MDR)?  

Multiple Dwellings Relief (MDR) under the Stamp Duty Land Tax allowed buyers to calculate SDLT based on the average property value instead of the total purchase price, providing significant savings. However, the UK government is abolishing MDR from 1 June 2024 to streamline the tax system, aiming to create fairness and increase property tax revenues. 

Implications for Property Investors 

The removal of MDR brings several significant implications for property investors: 

  • Increased Tax Liabilities – Without MDR, buyers of multiple properties in a single transaction will face higher SDLT bills. The tax will be calculated on the total purchase price rather than the average value of the individual properties. This change could make large-scale investments less attractive due to the increased tax burden. 
  • Shift in Investment Strategies – Investors may need to rethink their strategies. Instead of purchasing multiple properties at once, spreading acquisitions over time might mitigate the higher SDLT costs. However, this could complicate portfolio expansion and financing arrangements. 
  • Impact on the Rental Market – Higher transaction costs might be passed on to tenants in the form of increased rents. Investors seeking to maintain profitability could adjust rental prices, potentially impacting affordability in the rental market. 

Potential Benefits of the Abolishment 

While the end of MDR poses challenges, it also offers potential benefits. 

  • Simplified Tax System – ConsiderSarah, a first-time buyer purchasing two flats under MDR. With its abolishment, Sarah now calculates SDLT based on the total purchase price, streamlining the process and reducing confusion. 
  • Fairer Taxation – John, an experienced investor, previously enjoyed MDR benefits for his property portfolio. Now, without MDR, John and other investors are subject to the same tax rules, levelling the playing field. 
  • Revenue Generation for Public Services – The removal of MDR means higher SDLT bills for investors like John. However, these increased tax revenues can fund essential public services and infrastructure, benefiting communities nationwide. 

Navigating the New Landscape 

Property investors must adapt to the new tax landscape following the MDR abolishment. Here are some steps to consider: 

  • Seek Professional Advice – Consulting with tax advisors and property accountants is crucial. They can provide tailored advice on how to structure transactions and optimise tax efficiency under the new rules. The team at UK Property Accountants specialises in helping investors navigate these changes. 
  • Review Investment Plans– Assess your investment strategy considering the MDR abolishment. Consider the timing and scale of property acquisitions to manage SDLT costs effectively. 
  • Stay Informed– Keep abreast of ongoing tax reforms and market trends. Understanding the broader context of tax changes can help you make informed decisions and capitalise on new opportunities. 


The abolishment of Multiple Dwellings Relief marks a significant shift in UK property taxation, presenting both challenges and opportunities for investors. By understanding the implications and seeking professional guidance, you can navigate this new era and continue to thrive in the property market. For personalised advice and strategies tailored to your needs, consult the experts at UK Property Accountants. 

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