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MBBS in China for Pakistani Students 2023

MBBS in China for Pakistani Students is only increasing. Because Chinese government universities are well-known all over the world. In which you can get a degree from a Chinese university is the most popular method internationally. ambitious medical students Especially those from South Asian countries. Feel comfortable studying within the Chinese culture and social infrastructure surrounding their studies. There are many universities to choose from with low tuition fees and scholarships. Even top-level college students

Pakistani MBBS Students in China 2023-2024

For international medical students Federal universities in China are the most suitable options for MBBS in China studies, but not all of them. But they are some of the best universities for Pakistani students for some reasons. Only English-medium universities are authorized by the Ministry of Education (MOE) in China to teach English to international students. And these universities are also called Only “journal universities” these universities can offer MBBS degree programs.

We at NICE Consultants (Pvt) Ltd with 25 years of experience are delighted to offer our services for admission to top MOE medical universities in China.

List of MOE, English Central Government University in China

The annual cost in listed English-medium universities is around INR 1000, INR 10 to INR 11 lakh which covers all tuition fees, accommodation, and meals. The MBBS program consists of five years of study and one year of internship. A total of six years are required to complete an MBBS in China and obtain a degree. While all MBBS programs cost 1000 rupees, 65 to 70 lakh rupees.
Unfortunately, many people in Pakistan don’t know about the “MOE Registered” Mid-British Universities. which are rightly believed to offer MBBS degree programs.
While non-English speaking universities are referred to as bilingual universities. Their annual expenditure ranges from 1,000 baht, 7.5 lakh to 8.5 lakh rupees, including all expenses such as tuition fees, accommodation, and meals.

Eligible Students Can apply To a UK Medium-Sized u


Students must have a minimum of 70% in F.Sc premedical and a minimum of 60% in core subjects. Individuals who have not written their number will not be able to apply to universities in MOE.

Bilingual Schools For MBBS in China

Bilingual university (bilingual) refers to a combination of Chinese and English. These universities tend to have Pakistani students due to their low fees. Most of them don’t have an MBBS in China degree and so their degree is called MB (Bachelor of Medicine). These universities require students to qualify by studying HSK4 in 1 year. Pass the criteria, otherwise, you will not be able to participate in the second year of continuing medical classes.

Disadvantages of Bilingual University

  • The tragedy is that many students who do not study well do not qualify for it, and if they fail, they are kicked out of the university and live in a hotel to get a new admission, which he often hides. from him. his family).
  • Medicine classes are taught in English at this bilingual university, but they are in danger of suddenly switching to China. As in the past, most universities offer bilingual and English-medium medicine in the second year, but they have switched to Chinese medium and all students study in Chinese, but he joined another university. (Because it is impossible to go to China), and at your own risk, some universities have suddenly returned to Chinese, Taishan Medical University, Jining Medical University, and many others.
  • Remember that if a student studies medicine in Chinese, he will have problems enrolling in PMC in Pakistan as foreign students must study in English.
  • Some reputable Chinese bilingual universities offering medical classes in English are:-
  • Although it is difficult to be responsible for bilingual universities, in my experience it is best to look for prospective students with less than 70% or study medicine at a lower cost.
    We can offer our services and advice. Otherwise, you want to get into a cheap university means ruining your future, your money, and your time, so contact us or get a better future by going for your medical education from experienced companies because of their experience.
    Decide carefully, because it is the cheapest in the market to buy and not regret. It’s a waste of time and money and won’t change your future.


If you want to do an MBBS in China and practice in any country or abroad, only universities require good English to get admission. If you are thinking about your future and interested in choosing an experienced and reliable consultancy firm to enroll in MBBS, English Medium, or Bilingual, then you are at the right place. Every year those who are looking for an MBBS in China and do a lot of research for their MBBS studies finally come to us to fulfill their needs. At NICE Consultants, we are always happy to provide you with the best services with the most experienced and innovative information.

How to Apply for MBBS in China

If you are very interested to take admission in to MBBS in China, English Medium or Bilingual then check your documents and send them on WhatsApp or Email. We guide you to pay faster to get admission, choose the best university for you and make admission easier. Students who are waiting for the results after completion of the exam can also apply for admission.

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