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Lnk364pn Integrated Circuit Fevaris Elektronik

The LNK364PN is an electronic component with a distinct part code, serving a crucial role in various electronic applications. This device belongs to the Power Integrations LinkSwitch family, specifically designed for power supply applications. Known for its versatility and efficiency, the LNK364PN integrates a power switch, a high-voltage power MOSFET, a PWM controller, and other essential functions into a single chip.

Designed to provide a cost-effective and compact solution for power supply designs, the LNK364PN incorporates advanced features for enhanced performance and reliability. Its primary function involves converting electrical power efficiently, making it suitable for a wide range of applications such as consumer electronics, industrial equipment, and LED lighting systems. The LNK364PN stands out for its robust design, ensuring stable and regulated output voltages while optimizing energy efficiency. Its integrated features contribute to a simplified circuit design, reducing external component count and overall system cost. Engineered with safety in mind, the LNK364PN includes protection mechanisms against overvoltage, overcurrent, and thermal issues. This makes it a reliable choice for applications demanding a high level of safety and stability. 

In summary, the LNK364PN is a versatile and efficient electronic component designed for power supply applications, offering a compact and cost-effective solution with advanced features for enhanced performance and reliability in diverse electronic systems.

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