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List Of Best Home Loans Providers With Least Interest Rates

The banks and HFCs provide a broad variety of house loan schemes with the goals of increasing home loan eligibility, decreasing EMIs, waiving EMIs, giving diverse interest rates, providing an overdraft facility, and allowing for balance transfers. Affordable housing and house loan options for borrowers that have passed the housing loan eligibility are available from certain financial institutions. 

So, let’s have a look at the best home loans provider with the lowest interest rates in the list below- 

  1. Kotak Mahindra Home Loan 

You may get a house loan from Kotak Mahindra Bank with interest rates as low as 7.99% p.a. for up to 30 years and as much as Rs. 10 crores.

  • Kotak Housing Loan

You may get a Kotak Housing Loan if you wish to purchase, build, or remodel a home.

  • Home Loan Balance Transfer 

To take advantage of Kotak Mahindra Bank’s competitive home loan rates, you may transfer the balance of your current mortgage from another lender to Kotak Mahindra Bank.

  • Home renovation loan

The bank provides an online home loan scheme called a home renovation loan to make repairs or enhancements to an existing residence.

  1. SBI Home Loans 

SBI offers financing for up to 90% of a property’s purchase price for a tenure of up to 30 years at an interest rate of 8.05% p.a. and above. Home loans also come with several other perks, such as a 0.05 percentage point interest rate discount for female borrowers, an overdraft facility, a balance transfer facility, a step-up loan option, and so on.

  • SBI Home Loan

SBI Home Loan is a standard home loan program for purchasing existing homes, new homes, and homes being built. It may also be used to create a new home, fix an old one, or renovate or add to an existing one.

  • SBI Home Loan Balance Transfer

Borrowers with current house loans may use the State Bank of India’s balance transfer service to move their debt to take advantage of the bank’s competitive interest rates on new mortgages.

  • NRI Home Loan

Loans for Non-Resident Indians to Buy or Build a Home in India.

  1. HDFC Home Loan

Home loans from HDFC are available with interest rates starting at 8.10% p.a. for up to 30 years and loan amounts of up to Rs. 10 crores. Farmers, gardeners, dairies, and other small business owners, as well as self-employed and salaried individuals who plan to settle in their home communities and build or purchase a residence, can take advantage of the bank’s Rural Housing scheme.

  • HDFC Housing Loan.

Borrowers who want to build or purchase a home may benefit from the HDFC Housing Loan.

  • HDFC Reach Loan

The HDFC Reach Loan is a personal loan for low- to middle-income borrowers who can either prove or estimate their income. In addition to buying land or a completed home, the loan may be used to finance the purchase of commercial property such as a storefront or office space.

  • Rural house loan 

Agriculturists, dairy farmers, planters, and horticulturists can take advantage of this loan program to purchase a home in either a rural or urban setting, whether it is currently being built or already on the market.

  1. ICICI Bank Home Loan

The interest rate on a house loan from ICICI Bank starts at 8.10% per year, and the bank will lend you up to Rs. 10 crores for 30 years.

  • ICICI Housing Loan

A mortgage loan for buying or building a house.

  •  Immediate Home Loan

If you have a salary account with ICICI Bank, you may be eligible for an Immediate Home Loan, a pre-approved home loan with instant approval.

  • Express House Loans 

This home loan is designed for those who need money quickly. It may benefit from the loan’s online application, rapid processing, and instant digital approval for people who qualify the housing loan eligibility. After being issued, the Provisional Sanction Letter has a 6-month validity period.

  1. PNB Home Loan

Home loans from PNB Housing are available for up to 30 years, with amounts to up to 90% of the property’s value, and interest rates beginning at 7.90% p.a.

  • Housing Loan for Public program 

Homebuyers and those looking to improve their current residences can benefit from the Housing Loan for Public program offered by PNB. With this program, borrowers can get a loan to buy a house or plot, make repairs, renovations, and other alterations, and even furnish their new or existing home.

  • PNB Max Saver home loan 

Unlike the acquisition of property or a piece of land, the PNB Max Saver home loan overdraft facility may be used for any purpose related to a housing financing program.


Finding the house of your dreams may be challenging, particularly if you do not have the funds saved in the bank. However, the banks and other financial institutions mentioned above offer house loans with low-interest rates.

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