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Left and Right Lyrics Meaning and Story by Charlie Puth and Jung kook

The song Left & Right is a duet by Charlie Puth and Jungkook of BTS. It was released in 2022 and has quickly become one of the top songs on the charts. The song has a catchy beat and is a lot of fun to sing and dance along to. The lyrics of the song are quite simple. Puth explains that the song is about his ex-girlfriend, and how he misses the unconditional love they shared. The lyrics revolve around his thinking that he misses one thing most in his relationship and that is their unconditional love.

{Chorus: Charlie Puth}
 Memories follow me left and right
 I can feel you over here, I can feel you over here
 You take up every corner of my mind
 (Whatcha gon’ do now?)

{Verse 1: Charlie Puth} 

Ever since the d-day y-you went away  

(No, I don’t know how) 

How to erase your body from out my brain 

(Whatcha gon’ do now?) 

Maybe I should just focus on me instead  

(But all I think about)  

Are the nights we were tangled up in your bed

Left and Right is a pop track written by Charlie Puth and Jacob Kasher Hindlin, produced by Charlie Puth, and released on 24 June 2022 via Atlantic Record. It is approximately 2:34 in length and was also the Left and Right lyrics released on other platforms such as YouTube Music, Korea’s Melon, TikTok, and Spotify. The song is a duet between Charlie Puth and Jung Kook.

The vocalist explained his condition to his loved one after she left. He told her by describing the lyrics meaning that he thinks about her all the time and that he can’t get rid of her memories. In the second verse of his track, he asked her what he has to do to forget her.

The chorus of the track Left and Right describes the feelings of the vocalist. He tells that he is on the same way where she left her. He always remembers her. He says that she is present in every corner of her mind. He feels it every time. He remembers every moment that he has spent with her. Simple he cannot forget her.

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