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If you are interested in improving the look and feel of your home, or just want to try some different decoration ideas, this article is for you. I recently had an experience that has caused me to make a change in the type of candles I purchase. A couple of weeks ago, a fire started in my bedroom due to a candle that was burning all night. As you can imagine this experience was very scary for me. Anyway, I decided to write this article for the purpose of letting other people know about the alternative candles available today.

After my bedroom fire

After my bedroom fire, I decided to look for a something I could replace the old candle with. I stumbled upon many different things. Led Candle However, the thing that caught my eye was the LED window candle. I found out that LED window candles have many different settings. To my surprise, these candles can do more than just sit on my headboard. They can change colors. You can choose from up to 10 different colors, and many of these candles come in real wax.

If you are a history fanatic like me, you probably appreciate the traditional candles style. The cool thing about purchasing LED candles is that you can get very traditional styles. You can even get window candles that have real wicks. I’ve hosted several parties since I got my LED candles, and my guests asked many times about where I purchased them.

I can sleep peacefully now that I know my hair won’t start on fire. And that’s just the beginning. Before I drift off to sleep, I can set the LED candles to turn off by a certain time. This is very convenient and helps save me money on purchasing new batteries. If there is one thing that I could tell you about these candles, it is that they are very fun. The quality of these candles is more than I expected from an electronic candle.

If you like to host many parties during the summer months, these candles can be very useful. They can flicker and cycle through all sorts of different colors. I hope you decide to get your own set of LED window candles as they truly are great products. As for my bedroom, I have taken the time to repair the damages caused by the fire. Hopefully, I don’t have another experience like that. Thanks for reading!

Hand Held Candles

Candles have been around for thousands of years to help illuminate the dark. Anciently they were most often made of tallow or beeswax or some natural fat byproduct. Today candles are usually made with paraffin or resin and last much longer than the ancient candles did.

While candles can be scented to help create a certain ambiance they do have the drawback of having a flame on the top. Candles with flames are a leading source of residential fires in the U.S., homes and churches have burned down due to these candle flames. So today there are flameless candles that usually use a Light Emitting Diode or LED as the light source. LED’s are far safer than an open flame or even an incandescent bulb as they generate no heat, so even touching the LED bulb is safe. Because they are safer many churches and schools and insurance companies are encouraging people to use Hand Held LED Candles to lessen the chance of starting a fire.

There are several different types of hand held candles, some are sealed and meant to be thrown away once the batteries die, even though the LED bulb is still good. Better quality hand held candles allow the batteries to be replaced, extending the use of the candle. Some of these have a cap on the bottom that you twist and the batteries fall out. Led Kerze Still better are Hand Held Candles that have the batteries in a cradle that fits inside the candle stick, so you can pull the cradle out and easily replace the batteries. With proper care Hand Held Candles can last a long time. Hand Held Candles are perfect for church candlelight festivals, for choirs, for schools having graduations, as even small children can hold them without getting burned!

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