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Learning English Grammar Made Easy.

When you talk about learning English grammar, you should understand that this is not easy to learn it because it takes time to comprehend the rules and exceptions. There are some words that are used as different parts of speech whereas their functions remain the same.

There are some rules in English grammar that are hardly used in a sentence or two when seen generally but are very complex to comprehend and when you try to learn them, it takes you a lot of time. Here; I am going to share some tips which can help you learn English grammar easily.

Learn one rule each day

English grammar is something that one cannot learn overnight. There are many rules which you need to understand completely before you move ahead to other rules. I suggest that you learn one rule from the grammar book, every day.

When you learn English grammar, you should completely be focused on it. When you read a rule, try to understand what it says. Then, try to explain it to yourself in easy words. When you have done this, you will understand the rule, but can you remember this forever?

This is a question worth considering. You cannot remember everything you learn. However, there is a way that can help you learn how to use that rule in your sentence and that too forever. Once you learn how to walk, you don’t forget it for the rest of your life. Similarly, once you learn anything with practice, you rarely forget it.

Practice the rule until it is easy for you

The rules of English grammar are hard until you practice making sentences with the help of them. When you learn any rule, make sure that you practice it by using it in at least 20 sentences in your daily life. You can choose to talk to friends about it or you can use it without letting others know that you have been practicing a specific rule.

You can also practice any rule on a notebook by writing some sentences on it. All you have to do is just use that rule in your sentence.

Let’s suppose; you learnt how to transform the sentences into passive voice. You can look at the exercise portion of the book to practice the rule or you can just transform whatever you speak into the passive voice. When you do this practice, it has more benefits than doing it on any notebook. When you learn any rule and talk to your friends and practice it, you are indirectly learning spoken English.

The reason why I called it indirect learning is because you are learning the rules and you are talking to your friends keeping that rule in mind. When you learn English grammar, you learn how to frame sentences in English, but for learning spoken English, you have to speak the sentences. You cannot learn it just by learning the rules of English grammar.

Make your own vocabulary

English grammar has very subtle words which have very common meanings in our daily lives; noun is just a name of anything you can see. There are five types of nouns; they all are just different names given to different types of objects. English grammar is hard to understand when you just learn the words as they are given in the book; antecedent, optative, cumulative, etc.

Here antecedent means the word which comes before any other word in the sentence order. Not only this, there are many other words which when explained in easy language, are understood very easily.

Grammar is not a hard thing to understand, it is just about the language which is used in it to define a rule. In this case, what you can do is; make your own vocabulary by finding the meanings of difficult words that you find in the English grammar book and writing them down in any notebook or remembering the easy explanation of those words.

The next time you come across those words, you won’t be confused, you can just refer to the notebook where you wrote the meaning of such words.

These are few practices which I would suggest you to follow if you wish to learn English grammar in an easy way to never forget the rules: By the rules, it doesn’t mean that you have to remember the exact rule or the definition of that rule, you just need to remember how to use it in your conversation because in the end, grammar teaches you how to frame sentences and you use the sentences in your conversation.

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