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Latest Designer Saree Trends to Make Headlines This Year

Sarees define the beauty and charm of an Indian woman. Women have worn sarees for parties, weddings, and other essential celebrations for centuries. Hence, designers, today keep releasing the latest designer saree to keep up with the changing trend. This year we bring some of the coolest saree trends to help you rock at any wedding or event you desire. 

Thin borders

Those days are long gone when sarees were sheltered with broad borders. This year thin saree borders have entered the fashion world, and you have all the reason to fall in love with it. They are easy to manage, light in weight, and simple to wear on any occasion. Thin-bordered sarees have topped the saree trend of the year because of their panache and charisma. 

Whether it is a low-key event or an extravagant wedding, you will never find yourself out of place with thin-border sarees. The trend brings plain and printed sarees with embellished borders. The borders are in various styles, from floral embroidery to sequin and zari work.

Belted silhouettes

A few years ago, you would find all Sabyasachi brides wearing designer salwar suit and saree with belts. Well, it is still in trend! This season, you will discover saree gowns and saree dresses with belts as the significant highlight sewn into the saree.

You can also choose to style your regular saree with a belt. Belts don’t just style your saree but accentuate your waist too. You can either go for designer belts in a similar fabric and color to the saree or choose contrasting shades. The trend welcomes broad and sleek straps depending on the wearer’s preference. 

Variety and charm

Sarees this year are accessible in varied styles, fabrics, and embellishments. From the beautiful silk sarees from the South, such as Mysore silk and Kanchipuram, to the handcrafted Banarsi sarees, sarees from all corners of the country will be in trend this year. Everything is in this year, whether you prefer exquisite zari work, delicate embroidery, or beautiful brocades. 


Ruffles in sarees have been entirely in trend for the past year. You will also notice enticing ruffles in the latest designer sarees this year. There are delicate ruffles on light sarees and heavy ruffles on richly embellished sarees. Adding multicolored ruffles on a single-color saree looks trendy and stylish.

Pleat-less sarees

Concept sarees have been a striking addition to women who love sarees. This year, the concept of pleat-less sarees teamed with intricate blouses is super trendy. They are ready-to-wear sarees you can wear in less than a minute to don a graceful appearance.

Simple-to-wear, easy to carry, you don’t need to worry about arranging the pleats or pinning your pallu here. Moreover, you have too many varieties to select from, ranging from elegant sleeve designs to embellishments.

Cut and embroidered hems

Cut hem and embroidered sarees alongside the border looks classy and chic. Recently the trend has been seen in almost all types of women’s wear, from lehengas, blouses, and designer salwar suits. If you don’t prefer plain hems, then this is what you should go for.

Multicolor sarees

In the past few years, monochromatic sarees ruled the fashion world. However, this year multicolor sarees are trending. Add a splash of color to your wardrobe and lift your mood. It is a great way to stay cheerful all day. Some designers prefer playing with vibrant shades like red, blue, orange, dazzling pink, and turquoise blue. You can also choose a combo of pastel shades embellished with sequin or threadwork.

Designer sarees are not just any random piece of clothing. They carry a rich blend of craftsmanship, culture, and heritage with them. They inspire women to embrace their style and heritage. Be it a wedding or casual occasion; sarees are always the first choice of a woman. So, pick your ideal option and go for it.

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