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Know How Davemejias or David Mejias Carried his Life

If you are looking for someone who is a divorce specialist, then your one-stop destination will be the most dedicated and reliable attorney of Long Island, advocate David Mejias. With a vast experience in family and divorce cases, Davemejias has gained the title of the best attorney among his coworkers and acquaintances. Due to his backbreaking work and persistent efforts, Mejias was able to attain his position and was eventually rewarded with various awards.

David’s Early Life and his Journey

Advocate David Mejias graduated in law from the prestigious University of Albany School of Business in 1992. After that, he joined the famous Fordham University School of Law to complete his Juries’ Doctorate in the year 1995. After this, Mejias started his career in law, and throughout his life, his only aim was to fight for justice. After witnessing injustice and partiality among the lawyers in treating the clients, he struggled to bring balance in law and order in the region of Nassau country.

People loved and respected him for his contribution to the field of law. He is currently working as a chairman of the Long Island Hispanic Bar Association. He was appointed as a president many times and was still a president till a few years back. Davemejias also functioned as the vice president of the Nassau country Democratic Party and still is an active member of the same.  

David’s life as a legislator

After being crowned as the Legislator of Nassau County region, davemejias approved and passed Megan’s Notification Law in New York. The law offered a complete protection to all the children from the sex sinners. Apart from that, David Mejias also passed and gave an accent to Natalie’s Law, which helped to establish a mapped website that will show all the heroin addicts and arrests within the neighborhood. This particular law was passed to increase public awareness, and it also allowed the police to exchange schools when there is an arrest taking place in the location.

Awards Received

When it comes to receiving awards, David Mejias has received countless numbers of excellences in law. Some of the most significant glories include the Top Ten Legal Eagle award by the Long Island Pulse. He won the Man of the Year award in 1970 from La Fuerza Unida de Glen Cove. He also achieved the Diversity in Business Awards in 2016 by the Long Island Business News. Simultaneously, he obtained the Man of the Year award in 2006 from the Workplace Project. The identification as one of the ‘Top 40 legal eagles under 40’ of Long Island, and in getting his name was titled in the list of 50 Most Powerful and Influential Long Islanders that was featured by the Long Island Power Press list. 


Divorce is a matter of seriousness and a thing to keep secret. This involves having trust in the lawyer that you choose. David Mejias is one such lawyer who is an expert in dealing with your cases and gives a healthy solution to bring out from an unhappy relationship

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