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Key Shopify apps eCommerce sites can use with ease

In today’s world, digital marketing is imperative for each business entity present. For eCommerce companies, digital marketing is their lifeblood as most of the transactions (sales) take place online. Hence their success depends solely on reaching their desired target audiences.

For that very reason, those who are using Shopify to make their eCommerce websites, they can benefit quite a lot from having some additional customer marketing tools to go with their processes. Fortunately, site owners have plenty to choose from. This is a unique advantage Shopify presents to eCommerce and dropshipping site owners.

But first, let us have a look at which apps for Shopify are worth using.

Worthwhile Shopify apps for use on Dropshipping websites

Numerous Shopify apps are present on the market. Etsy Alternatives and Dropshipping business owners consider that a blessing. But a wide variety also leads to issues in deciding which Shopify app to go with. Hence, here are some worthwhile apps recommended by experienced web design professionals to help Shopify site owners stay ahead in the market: https://dubaimonsters.com


Stocky ranks as one of Shopify’s most useful apps. It is basically an inventory management tool and such is a boon for eCommerce firms. 

What Stocky can do is that it will help site owners keep up with the product inventory and maintain it on the website. Dropshipping and eCommerce site owners will always strive to make sure that whatever the customer desires to buy is present on the website.

When the stock gets low, Stocky notifies site owners and even shows them how much of the stock is actually left. This allows site owners to keep the inventory information accurate and keep items in stock (especially the most popular ones).

In terms of pricing, Stocky comes without one.


Tidio is basically a customer service app that helps customers solve issues on the website. One of its key features is that it can sort out low-level requests from top-level requests. Meaning, it can determine whether or not a request can be managed solely by the chatbot or by a dedicated member of the support team.

Tidio can be used to piece together customized chatbots which helps businesses overcome generic options. It supports multiple languages and is helpful for businesses providing services in multiple countries.

In terms of pricing, it has a priceless version. Its paid versions start from USD$ 15.


Numerous tools are present which can help track user behavior on websites quite nicely. Yet they give general information about which pages visitors visited frequently and how long people were on those pages. Hence, BetterReplay never disappoints in this regard.

This app doesn’t stop at obtaining just basic data. It records complete sessions on the website, allowing site owners to watch them to see what activities users conducted. Each pause, click along with other moments are observed carefully.

The use of such detailed information? It can help site owners understand in an improved manner what their customers do and how they can optimize their website. This one is priceless in terms of price.


As the name suggests, Personizely is a personalization tool. It offers personalization capabilities and features for websites. The idea of having this plugin is to make the website look unique and different for its visitors.

Personizely also gathers data regarding people who visit the website. Among the data it captures is visitor behavior on the website, demographics (location especially) and which pages they visited. Based on that, it basically shows site owners various recommendations and pop-ups on their return visits.

As a consequence, each visitor has a custom experience on the website which is customized for them specifically. This encourages them to engage with the site more so they can make repeat purchases from it. It is priced at USD$ 29 per month.

Shopify Email

Web design isn’t the only marketing tactic which requires use of Shopify apps. Shopify Email helps site owners amplify the quality of their email marketing.

Shopify Email will help site owners gather subscribers on their website through forms. Then it will allow them to automate the campaigns, sending out emails to all subscribers on the email list. Emails can be edited and crafted with ease in the app itself, and a wide array of templates are available. Alternatively emails can be made from start.

What’s even better with Shopify Email is that results of each campaign can be tracked to see how effective they are at converting users into customers. It provides 2500 emails for free and afterwards, it charges USD$ 1 per email.

Change Commerce

Change Commerce also ranks among the best apps Shopify has to offer. It is made different from other apps as it is based on charity.

Being based on charity, it allows customers to donate money to a certain charity whenever they purchase something on the website. The app has a widget which can be placed on various product or checkout pages. Moreover, Change Commerce manages the complete donation process so site owners do not have to worry about anything.

In terms of pricing, it is working on the pay as you go model. Meaning, it charges almost USD$ 270 per month.


Recart exists for a simple reason i.e. to help websites gain more subscribers for SMS and email campaigns. For this purpose, site owners need to make forms and place them tactfully around the website. Users hence need to fill out numerous boxes on the form for subscription using normal forms but with Recart, things are easier and streamlined.

Recart boasts its two tap subscription feature as it allows users to sign up quickly. It leads site owners to obtain more subscribers. It is priced at USD$ 29 per month.


Shopify is blessed to have all these apps. It has even helped site owners make good offerings to their customers. When it comes to email marketing, site owners have been able to send Digital Brochure template to their customers notifying them about the best their store has to offer.

Shopify strives to improve these apps and make new ones to make eCommerce business not just fun but also streamlined and classy at the same time.

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