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Kdan Mobile’s New Logo Design and Website – A Bold Step into the Future

The business arena has plenty of stories of the rise and fall of brands, with famous rebrands that made an impact. What causes brands to redesign their logos or perform a rebranding? There are many factors like business growth or expansion, new market development, and shift in strategy. Whatever the reason, rebranding is a reinforcement that strengthens a brand’s awareness and image while promoting its offerings.

Professional logo design and branding services are crucial in gauging the change in market dynamics. Precise evaluation and efficient design processes help align with change while catering to the new brand objectives. Kdan Mobile adopted a new logo design and website with fresh brand colors that we will further review for their impact.

Drawing inspiration from the Chinese puzzle game, the Tengram, the new logo boasts various possibilities from simple shapes. The seven geometric shapes in the game can form various layouts by a simple rearrangement stimulating thought and creativity. Kdan reflects the limitless options in the new logo through its modern design, featuring on its apps and service packs.

A logo sets forth the basis of branding and a consistent image to enhance the websites and other business platforms. Social media pages, promotional material, and different forums are some platforms that employ brand colors, schema, and tone. We highlight all such visuals in the subsequent headings to stimulate your imagination for new possibilities for the future.

Revamp of Branding

The branding revamp consists of new brand colors, tone, voice, and message, all energizing the logo to illuminate its image. The new brand message is to “Create, mash, and inspire,” which is also the tagline for the logo. After rebranding, the choice of new brand colors sets it apart: blue, green, and grey. The primary color codes are blue (#00A89B), green (#96D200), and grey (#878787), while the secondary palette is cool gray (#D9DADA).

Its primary typeface is static in bold and regular, whereas the secondary is Clear Sans grey in light and thin. The three icons with the K circle, Tengram circle, and butterfly circle unite in the corporate logo. The professional branding agency’s logo design and branding services enable its envisioning of new horizons of business growth.

New Website

It is mandatory to follow consistent branding throughout all company assets and platforms. The new Kdan website follows the same branding guide and colors for a fresh modern look. It now has a captivating, refreshing design that adds value to the brand’s appeal and influence. The new color scheme glorifies the virtual front by using the same shades with optimization. You can access various information on mobile apps, cloud services, and the creative store. It also provides support and guidance on online and in-app sharing facilities.

Finding the relative information is easier with an intuitive and user-friendly menu, and you can also contact them. A responsive support team is ready to guide and address your concerns. Accessing the website through your mobile device would be better.

A Bold Step into the Future

Branding or rebranding sets the path for new interactions and conversions, whether you are new to the market or not. It refreshes your image in changing market environment to keep you going with customer demands and industry metrics shifts. It is a bold step to take, as there have been a few instances where rebranding didn’t deliver the desirable results. However, companies take the risk as the rewards are far more attractive, while resistance to change brings more risks later.

The Kdan empire took a well-planned risk, initiating a total makeover to take one giant step towards revolutionizing. We want to share some insights with our valuable readers. Small businesses and enterprises could learn something from the rebranding venture. Novices and entrepreneurs may also derive learning and inspiration by assessing the following points.

1.      Brand Awareness

It’s rewarding to spread brand awareness in a broader range by remodeling the entire brand. The buzz in the market informs the existing clients of the crucial update and connects new prospects. It tells about the offerings and value propositions in the limelight.

2.      Repositioning

When buyers compare them with alternatives, companies face many ups and downs. If your audience perceives a brand as secondary or inferior, it is challenging to face competition. Repositioning helps in future growth by claiming a higher place in user minds.

3.      Strategic Shift

An overhaul in strategic shift is necessary after some time, especially when the technology evolves faster. The change in strategy focuses on targeting prospects through new offers while retaining the existing ones by promising valuable upgrades.

4.      Aligning with Demands

Customer demands keep changing with every new entrant with a distinct feature. Aligning with demands becomes crucial to a firm’s survival as market share shrinks with more rivals saturating it. Prospects must know what the brand envisions for them as critical stakeholders in the future.

5.      Modernizing Solutions

Reinventing the wheel isn’t necessary, but attaching modern shock absorbers makes the journey more comfortable. Continuous research and development allow innovations and breakthrough reforms to provide relief. Value addition and modernization reduce the risk of losing clients.

6.      New Brand Identity

A fresh brand identity gathers prospects for your platforms and increases incoming leads. The identity reflects a new value promise and communicates your commitment to serve better. It provides your clients with a sense of value and prestige if you adhere to their feedback.


Kdan Mobile’s new logo, branding, and website ensure a better user experience and higher quality. It is a bold step into the future to extend its hand to existing as well as new customers for a better tomorrow. The brand offers a new color scheme in its new logo and website, leveraging the expertise of logo design and branding services. Would you consider a logo redesign or revamp to refresh your image and business growth? What matters most in rebranding?

Uneeb Khan
Uneeb Khan
Uneeb Khan CEO at blogili.com. Have 4 years of experience in the websites field. Uneeb Khan is the premier and most trustworthy informer for technology, telecom, business, auto news, games review in World.

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