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Joolies Dates Near Me: How To Select The Right Dates To Buy

When it comes to tasty and sweet dates, there are several varieties. Many dates are originated from Israel and North Africa from where they are grown. With so many of these dates grown in the USA, just a few of them are imported to the country. However, the USA is a fertile ground for so many dates.

If you search for any shop using “Joolies dates near me” you will know that there are more available dates than most people seem to know about. With so many available dates, it is not rare to find different options that have varying colours. The colours of the dates range from brown to red or honey yellow. Of these, brown dates are the most popular. The Medjool dates that have a mahogany brown colour seem to be the sweetest variety and have a slight toffee-like taste.

Medjool dates feature fresh and dried variants that are available throughout the year. However, the fresh variants are best between November and January. With Medjool, the fresh dates are known for their distinct moist and plump features as well as glossy skins. Dried dates may be slightly wrinkly, but they shouldn’t appear emaciated. However, they should still look glossy and plump with even colours throughout. They are available in stores and as sold as a whole with properly packaged long narrow boxes. They can also be pressed into blocks and sold to customers.

How to choose the dates to buy
To choose the dates that you need to buy, you can start by searching using the query – Joolies dates near me. This way, you can easily find a range of reliable suppliers of dates who stock fresh and well-packaged dates for all types of purposes. With these suppliers, you can easily choose the dates that you want to buy. Other factors that affect your buying decision when it comes to dates include:
• The total amount of dates that you want to use
• What you are going to use the dates for
• How you will be eating the dates

Preparing Medjool dates in large quantities

If you are buying Medjool dates to use for baking or if you simply need to buy a large quantity of the dates, you can easily choose the dried variants. They are very simple to chop for you to throw right into your mix or prepared recipe. Another way of preparing them could be that you want them to be moister, this way, you can simply soak them up in hot boiling water before you use them. Preparing them this way, make them appear a lot squidgy – this is a good way of preparing them if you are using them as a form of cover for your recipe. Also, if you are looking to get a more mature treat with an “adult” feel, they can be soaked in brandy or tea.

Preparing Medjool in smaller quantities

Alternatively, if you want a very small quantity of the dates, you can decide to buy more on exclusive dates that can be used for certain purposes. You can use them as salad or cake toppings to help contrast the look, taste, and texture of your prepared recipe.

Selecting Medjool dates

When buying dates, it is important to choose a blend that is moist, intact and does not have any mold or blemishes. Pitted dates have their pit removed, while all others still have their pits – people should be careful with the pits as they can injure the teeth. They are not to be swallowed. Packaged Medjool that you buy from the grocery store can be eaten fresh out of the box. Also, if you buy dates directly from farmers, they are to be checked carefully for the presence of black mildew spots before they are eaten or stored.

Storing your dates

If you have purchased a large number of dates, you may find out that you have more than is necessary. This way, you may want to store them. It is best to get an air-tight container to store them in the refrigerator. When stored this way, they can easily retain moisture. When refrigerated, they can be stored for about half a year. However, it is important to know that the longer you store them, the more they are likely to lose moisture. You can also freeze large amounts of dates for about one year or thereabouts.

Serving your dates

Since they are delicious, you can easily serve your dates spiced up with other food elements like nuts or cheese. You can slice the dates and add them to entrees, cereals, or bread. You can also blend your Medjool dates into smoothies. Visit https://joolies.com/ for the top quality dates.

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