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Job seeking in India? Research these top job portals first

Are you looking for a job in India? With its rapidly growing economy, there are plenty of opportunities available, but it can be difficult to know where to start your search. Fortunately, there are several great job portals that can help you narrow down your options and find the perfect fit for you. In this blog post, we’ll discuss the top job portals in India and how they can help you with your job search.

UP Sewayojan

The UP Sewayojan portal allows employers to post job openings, which can be easily searched by potential applicants. The website also has an extensive list of resources available to both employers and applicants, such as job fairs, educational and skill training centers, and counseling services. Additionally, employers can post their requirements on the website and receive applications from eligible candidates.

It also provides easy access to other resources such as job search tips, career advice, and resumes templates. With this platform, users can easily compare salaries, see what other employers are offering, and access contact information of different companies.


In addition to its useful search tools, Indeed also provides helpful career advice and resources. The site has an extensive library of articles and tutorials, which offer tips on everything from resumes and interviews to salary negotiations.

Overall, Indeed is a great option for job seekers in India looking for top opportunities. With its robust search tools, extensive library of career advice, and convenient job alerts, Indeed makes it easy to find the perfect job.


When searching for jobs on Shine, you can use a variety of filters to narrow down your search. You can specify the industry, job type, location, experience level, and more. You also have the option to save specific searches, allowing you to easily refer back to them in the future. Additionally, Shine has a useful feature that allows you to save specific job postings so you can apply later.

On the Shine website, you will find many helpful resources to assist with your job search. These include tips for writing resumes, interviewing advice, and salary negotiation advice. You can also access career advice and insights from experts in the field. In addition, Shine provides helpful blog posts that cover topics such as work-life balance and career planning.

If you’re looking for a job in India, Shine is an excellent resource to research potential openings and start your job hunt. With its wide variety of search filters, helpful resources, and expert insights, you’ll be sure to find the perfect opportunity for you.


Overall, Naukri is an excellent resource for those looking to find work in India. With its comprehensive range of services, it makes it easy to find the perfect job. So if you’re looking for employment in India, be sure to check out Naukri first!


The platform also offers advanced search filters to help you find the perfect job. You can choose to search by location, job type, company size, salary range, and more. You can also customize your search to include keywords and job titles. This makes it easy to find the right job quickly.

Overall, Quikr is a great job portal for those looking for jobs in India. With its comprehensive job listings and advanced search filters, it’s an excellent resource for finding the perfect job quickly and easily.


If you’re looking for the best and latest jobs in India, Monster makes it easy to search and apply. To help narrow down your search, you can filter jobs by location, industry, and experience level. In addition to these basic criteria, Monster also offers advanced search filters such as job role, company size, salary range, and company type.

Finally, Monster offers users the option to post their resume and profile on the website, allowing employers to easily find qualified candidates. With its wide range of features, Monster is one of India’s top job portals and should be included in any job seeker’s list of research options.

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