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Job Card: Relevance for ESTA Application

When exploring the possibility of working in the USA while planning a trip there through ESTA (Electronic System for Travel Authorization), it’s essential to understand the concept of a “job card” and how it can affect your travel and work plans.

Definition of Job Card

A job card generally refers to various types of identification or access cards used in a work context. In some countries, like Norway, there may be specific types of cards required to access workplaces, especially in sectors such as construction. These cards typically confirm that the holder has undergone necessary training and meets certain safety or qualification requirements.

Job Card and ESTA Application

For the ESTA application, it’s important to note that it allows for short-term stays in the USA for purposes like tourism, business visits, or transit. ESTA does not permit employment in the USA. If you plan to work in the USA, you usually need to apply for a suitable work visa that permits this, such as an H-2B visa for seasonal workers.

Different Types of Job Cards

Job cards can vary depending on the industry and the country you are working in. In some cases, they may be general ID cards issued by employers for access control and identification at the workplace. In other cases, they might be more specific certificates or licenses required to perform particular jobs or tasks, like driving permits for transporters or security clearances for guards.

Applying for a Job Card

The process for applying for a job card can vary significantly depending on your profession and workplace. It might involve completing specific courses or training programs, passing exams or tests, and obtaining approval from relevant authorities or employers. It is crucial to ensure you have the necessary documents and approvals in place before planning your trip to the USA.


Having the right documentation and approvals, including any necessary job cards, is essential for legally working both in Norway and abroad, such as in the USA. While ESTA provides a straightforward way for visa-free travel to the USA, it’s important to be aware of its limitations regarding employment. For more information about job cards and relevant visa requirements for the USA, you can visit the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) and the official ESTA website.

These resources will provide you with valuable guidance and help you navigate through the process of securing your travel and work plans in the USA.

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