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Is this better than Final Fantasy 7?

Final Fantasy 8 Review

This is a thought I often hear people say or claim about it so why may some people consider it better overall is it more fast paced overall and also it has more of an adult feel to the gameplay most of the time you also have more of a role like adult doing a job than simply rebel who fights  against evil here as a whole.

The magic of the game how it works to me is very badly designed that is something really flawed here overall you can play a card game which to me overall is sort of like really poor quality version of pokemon overall.

The storyline is overall more complex for a lot of it overall meaning you are much more likely to need to check a guide than 7 overall. https://www.game24hours.com/

You start the game of playing as like young man hoping to become part of a solider where they hire these people out to do dangerous jobs for governments or businesses around the world or private people who need risky work done you start of waking up in the hospital after your sort of rival beats you up with give you scarf on your face I felt was good add on the idea to include in this game overall and gives it a cool sort of rebel feel to it overall in my thoughts .

The train part of the game where you join the girl who you dance with early on I never really liked the security feel to it I felt was very overdone to me and also if you miss it you have to start it again for me I would delete that part of the game since it’s very annoying and I can’t recall anyone liking it giving like terrible arcade part to it  the best way to explain it.

You have to more focus on this game on going up levels fast or you will risk getting into battle to hard to win which can be annoying sometimes so make sure when possible in a battle area you spend a few hours just going up levels to make it when you go against some parts of mission it does not get too hard money shortage is to me one part which can get very annoying since some parts require you to waste a lot of items on just staying a live.

It did like in this game a lot when you get to swap characters to like soldiers who conquer areas in the past which you try and librate in the future yourself that for me is the best part of the storyline once you get back to the base and fight the soldiers it’s not to hard here but you still need on the right level or it could prove to hard for some people overall.

You can swap characters in like 7 in some parts of the game as well if you prefer I found the limit in this game not as good as 7 overall for how easy it is to do the special attacks but graphic wise they look a bit better to me overall but you have less importance on like the monster special attack moves from what you got in the older one overall.

Could you get a lot of enjoyment from this storyline yes you could but if you like to rush into games then it will get annoying or too hard for you some of the time so be aware of this when you play to play this overall but it’s still great game a whole to me .

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