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Irish Citizenship Lawyer Cork in Dublin: Helping You Achieve Your Irish Citizenship Goals

Irish citizenship is a popular option for people of all ages. Getting your Irish citizenship can be a great way to deepen your ties to the country and enjoy all it has to offer. However, there are certain conditions that must be met in order for you to become an Irish citizen.

What is Irish citizenship?

Irish citizenship is a legal status that allows you to live and work in Ireland. It is a right, not a privilege; anyone born on the island of Ireland or with Irish parents can apply for citizenship. If you’re lucky enough to already be an Irish citizen by birth or descent, our expert team will help guide you through the application process for naturalisation (or “settling” as it’s known).

If you have lived in Ireland for at least 3 years and meet certain other requirements, we may also be able to assist with your application for citizenship by naturalisation.

The four ways to apply for Irish citizenship.

There are four ways to apply for Irish citizenship:

  • Through a grandparent. If you are at least one generation removed from an Irish citizen, you can apply through them. The person who is your grandparent must have been born in Ireland or be able to prove that they were born outside of Ireland but their parents were both born in Ireland.
  • Through a parent. This applies if you were born on the island of Ireland (including Northern Ireland) before 2005 and one of your parents was an Irish citizen at that time too – even if they weren’t living there at the time because they had left temporarily (e.g., for work). However, the law changed in 2005 so this method only applies if it was granted before then; otherwise it won’t work anymore!

How long does it take to apply for Irish citizenship?

The length of time it takes to obtain Irish citizenship depends on the type of application you make. If you are applying for citizenship through descent, your application will be processed by the Irish authorities and then sent back to you. You can then send this new certificate of naturalisation back to Ireland so that they can send it back again with an official stamp on it. This whole process usually takes six months or more depending on how busy they are at any given time.

If however, you are applying for citizenship through marriage or birth in Ireland then there is no waiting period as these applications are processed straight away – but bear in mind that if your spouse does not yet have their own Irish passport then there may be some additional documents required before we can proceed with yours!

Are there any exceptions to the residency requirement?

There are exceptions to this residency requirement. These include:

  • You are married to an Irish citizen who has lived in Ireland for at least three years before your marriage.
  • If you are a refugee or stateless person, then you may apply for citizenship after one year’s residence in Ireland.
  • If you were born outside of Ireland but at least one parent was an Irish citizen at the time of your birth, then you can apply for citizenship after three years’ residence here (this does not apply if both parents were foreign nationals).
  • If you have been living legally as a resident in another EU member state for five years and have fulfilled certain conditions during that period (such as paying taxes), then this can count towards fulfilling your Irish citizenship application requirements when applying under Section 3B(2)(b)

What if my parent or grandparent was born in Ireland and I was never told about it? Can I still apply for Irish citizenship through them?

If you are a grandchild and you want to apply for citizenship through your Irish-born grandparent, it is important that you can prove that your parent or grandparent was born in Ireland. You will need documentary evidence such as a birth certificate or marriage certificate from the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT).

You will also need to provide documentary evidence of your relationship with them. You should not just rely on oral history; this would be insufficient grounds for an application under the Irish Nationality & Citizenship Act 1956/1986 as amended by section 4(3) of the Immigration Act 1999.

The Irish law firm can give you help with your application.

The Irish Citizenship lawyer Cork can give you help with your application. They have experience with the Irish law and they can help you through the process of becoming an Irish citizen. If there are any paperwork errors, they will let you know so that it doesn’t delay your application.


Irish citizenship is one of the most sought after in the world, but it can be difficult to achieve. The Irish law firm can help you with your application and give you peace of mind that everything will be done correctly. They have experience helping clients with their

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