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Iphone 15 Is On The Way To Get A Massive Upgrade

Apple has yet to release some of the mind-boggling products the company has promised to launch this year, 2023, that include the iPhone 15 series. Apple’s iPhones are always highly anticipated smartphones every other year, and beating Androids is their top favorite game! iPhone 15 was recently updated and slightly remodeled before launching in September 2023. Here are some renovations revolving around the top Apple news sites today:

Removal of the Mute and Volume Buttons

The iPhone 15 Pro design has no more mute or silent button options than its ancestral series had. The users who wish to buy iPhone15 Pro and Pro Max will find an Action Button by the side that is the key to most options in the device.

The Action Button Options:

The maximum hold will be given to the Action button within the apps. If the camera app opens, the iPhone 15 Pro will capture the photo on a hard press and focus the lens on a light press. The Action button can begin an activity, act as a stopwatch button, provide access to the watch’s Wayport and Backtrack functions, serve as a shortcut to the Dive feature, activate the flashlight, or perform other customizability features that fit within the app being used. It will be a multi-functioning button like the Apple Watch Ultra button. Not all Apple watches for sale have this feature; similarly, not all Apple iPhones have MagSafe compatibility and Action Button access. Some of its key uses are:

  • Show Home Screen and Lock Screen
  • Run a shortcut or voiceover
  • Open Shazam
  • Open Control Center
  • Lock Rotation Feature
  • Screen record or screenshot the page opened
  • Activate flashlight
  • Turn on “ Do Not Disturb Mode
  • Silent or Ring Mode Activation

And the list goes on! Thanks to the back tap option, most features can also be in t. The Control Center can help users select what options they wish to customize through the action button.

The Rest of the Features:

Lightning USB Type-C port and MagSafe Charger compatibility are both the fastest methods to charge the smartphone. The Dynamic Island and A17 Bionic Chipset are the major advancements only for iPhone 15 for sale in September’s Apple Event. The chip will progressively increase smoothness, fluency, and multitasking on the smartphone without lagging hindrances. The Dynamic Island is the notch replacement of the iPhone that serves many options, such as:

  • It consists of camera hardware
  • Shape-changing hub/notch for important alerts
  • Warn of incoming calls
  • Ongoing or Dropped call duration tab and status
  • Activate timers, screen recording, etc.
  • Show low battery alerts, battery charge, AirPods Connection Status
  • Playback options (includes media)


Apple Inc. is going far with technology customizability better than ever before because Apple’s success is with its record breakage. Apple’s smartwatches, iPads, iPhones, and MacBook Pro for sale are all available online at credible websites such as Experimax.com, Amazon, and Apple Store outlets. Stay tuned for more iPhone 15 news until September!

Uneeb Khan
Uneeb Khan
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