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Introduction to Microsoft SharePoint Set Up Guide

Microsoft SharePoint offers to create a website for your brand without learning how to code. There are two different types of customizable website platforms. One is the communication site and the other is a team site. A communication site is for broadcasting news and updates to a large group of people. It’s very similar to a Team site with a few key differences. You don’t get a group e-mail address neither a shared inbox, shared calendar and even your members are not working together as a team. There’s lots of customizability to make the look and feel of your communication site.

What is Microsoft SharePoint?

Microsoft Sharepoint is a place you go to work with others and also stay informed. With SharePoint courses, in the UK, enable yourself to set up an intranet site for your team, a web page for your team and you could customize it without needing to know any coding. You could set up a document repository, to upload a file to your SharePoint website. All your team can access those files easily. You could have shared calendars. You can create lists, and everyone can contribute to those lists. Moreover, you could also publish news posts to keep your entire team informed and updated.

SharePoint website allows you to create two different types of websites. One is the ‘Team site’ and the other is the ‘Communication site’. To be able to get SharePoint, you need either a workplace or school account to log in Microsoft 365 account. 

Once you log into office.com, on the left-hand side, you will see all of the app icons. If you click on the top icon called ‘The App Launcher’, you can access all of the various apps from here as well. You could access the app launcher from anywhere in the Microsoft 365 ecosystem.  

Microsoft SharePoint Interface :

On the SharePoint start interface, you can create a new website. In a moment, we will create a SharePoint website. To the right of that, you can create a new post if you want to announce something to the organization.

The Sharepoint aggregates all of the news from all of the different SharePoint websites too. Even if you are busy but don’t want to miss out on any of the catchy posts that look interesting, you could save this for later, and add it to your reading list accessible on the left-hand side of your interface. So, you can easily have a good read at your bedtime.

Just down below the article posts, you can see all of your frequently visited websites. You may navigate back to those websites simply by clicking on the desired one. You can also see all of the latest activities from these websites. If there is a website that you want to make sure you don’t miss out on, and could easily get back to, click to fill in the ‘star’ icon on the respective post, and it will be added to your list. Right underneath the list, you can also see all your recently visited websites. 

Let’s consider that your team has been asking you for a SharePoint website, so they could work better in collaboration as a team. Go ahead and click on the option, ‘Create site’. This opens up a pane on the right-hand side and you have a choice to make set up either as a Team site or a Communication site. 

A Team site, as the name implies, is where a team comes together to work. This is where you can share files, share a calendar, and work on the same set of tasks. A communication site, on the other hand, allows you to broadcast information to many at a time. That’s when you’d want to use a communication site. 

How to set up a Team Site:

If you want your members to collaborate, engage, and work together as a team, go for a team site. 

After the selection process, on the next screen, you need to define the details of your new team site. Mention the name of your company or team. You can also set up a group e-mail address for yourself. With a group e-mail address, all the members of the team available on Sharepoint, are going to have a shared inbox, a calendar, a planner, and a OneNote where you can all collaborate on. If you have a website address, your team can easily navigate to this website. During the process, add your company’s description and on the same interface, you can also set the privacy settings which can be private or public. 

Microsoft Sharepoint offers you to customize the language, leave it set to English if you are using Sharepoint courses UK or USA, and then click on next. 

If you don’t have much time to manage all the details of the new site yourself, you may add a co-owner as well. After ‘Next’, add some additional owners to this site. If you think you can manage independently, simply click on ‘Finish’ and it will land you on your brand-new SharePoint website. Making a site on Sharepoint is not that hard to create. 

How to Set Up a Communication Site:

Once all collaboration, sharing, and data are stored in SharePoint, your company is off to a good start. Now, shift gears to see how you can set up a communication site. It’s very similar to a Team site with a few key differences.

A communication site is for broadcasting news and updates to a large group of people. This time, let’s click on the communication site. Within a communication site, when you create a communication site and type in a site name, it will provide you with a site address. But this time, you don’t get a group e-mail address neither a shared inbox, shared calendar and even your members are not working together as a team. Instead, you can publish on this page for people to consume information.

So, once you have done selecting all the different options, click on ‘Finish’. This will drop you onto your new communication site. If you want to edit the look and feel of your communication site, simply click on the edit icon located at the top right-hand corner. There’s lots of customizability to make the communication site look exactly how I want it to appear. Within edit mode, I can scroll down a little bit, and over on the left-hand side I see a plus icon, or I can hover over it to add a new section. You can also read more news from this website.

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