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Instagram Videos Won’t Play Issues and Solutions

For a variety of reasons, you adore Instagram. However, users frequently experience anxiety when using the popular photo and video sharing app. The inability of Instagram videos to play or load on Android, iPhone, or laptop is upsetting a number of estranged users. Instagram videos occasionally lack sound, users are unable to upload videos to their accounts, the videos in the news feed and stories don’t play, and so forth.

Playback issues with Instagram videos can happen on a PC, Mac, Android, iPhone, iPad, or tablet. However, you can fix Instagram issues that prevent you from viewing or sharing videos in the app.

Let’s first explore some potential causes for Instagram videos not playing.

Instagram videos won’t play-Here are some potential causes

  • A sluggish or unreliable internet connection.
  • Due to a significant outage, Instagram’s server is down.
  • Your Instagram application is not current.
  • The app has a bug.
  • On your device, Instagram cache files take up a lot of room.
  • The data files for the Instagram app have been corrupted for some reason.
  • The Power Saving Mode on your smartphone is activated.
  • The format, size, or length of your video file are not supported by Instagram.
    The video file is damaged.

Instagram videos not playing? How to fix that?

The 12 solutions to “Instagram videos won’t play” and “unable to upload Instagram video” on Android, iPhone, PC, or Mac are listed below.

In the order listed here, we advise starting with simpler fixes when troubleshooting.

1. Restart Instagram

If Instagram videos won’t play, try restarting the app on your computer or smartphone as a first step in troubleshooting the issue.

2. Restart your device

Restart your device, whether it’s an Android, iPhone, computer, laptop, or tablet, if restarting Instagram doesn’t work and the app keeps crashing.

3. Update Instagram

Update the app if Instagram videos won’t play on your iPhone, Android, or computer. Users of Android devices can update through the Google Play Store, while iOS users can go to the Apple Store. Look up the Instagram app in the digital store, then, if it has an update button, click it. The app should open without any issues after being updated.

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4. Check your Internet connection

Check the router, modem, and Internet speed. Ensure that your Internet is fast and continuous. For example, Instagram live videos at 720p (30 fps) resolution need a minimum of 4Mbps.

After a few minutes, turn your router back on after turning it off. Try using mobile data instead of Wi-Fi if Instagram videos aren’t loading.

5. Close all other applications

When too many programmes are running in the background, Instagram may not load videos or display errors. Your mobile device may become slower if it is running multiple apps because this uses more memory. Try to play Instagram videos on your Android, iPhone, or computer after closing other programmes.

6. Clear cache files

The performance of the Instagram app is impacted by cache and temporary files accumulation. Therefore, try clearing the cache files to resolve the issue.

If Instagram videos won’t play in Chrome or another browser on a Mac or PC, clear the cache files in your browser’s settings.

Go to Settings > Apps > Instagram to resolve the Instagram video not playing issue on Android. After choosing Storage > Clear Cache, restart your phone.

Install the app again if Instagram videos won’t play on your iPhone after you uninstall it. The cache files will be eliminated, and the video issue will be resolved.

7. Disable your smartphone’s power-saving mode.

Instagram won’t run properly on an Android or iPhone in power-saving mode. Make sure power saving mode is disabled on your mobile device to fix Instagram videos not playing on iPhone or Android. You can do this by selecting the “Battery” option in your phone’s Settings.

8. Reinstall Instagram

Instagram video playback issues can be resolved by reinstalling the app.

Remove or uninstall the app first. To reinstall the application, go to Google Play Store. Users of the iPhone, iPad, and Mac can reinstall through the Apple store.

9. Fix corrupt videos using a video repair tool

The file may have become corrupt if you are unable to upload videos to your Instagram account, they fail to load, or they throw errors.

Check to see if the file is corrupt in this situation first. Try to play this video on your computer or phone using any media player. The file is most likely corrupt if it doesn’t open or plays abruptly. Utilize Stellar Repair for Video, a specialised video repair programme.

On your Mac or PC, download and run the programme. Click the “Repair” button after adding the corrupt file. The tool’s repair algorithms automatically fix any damaged sound, frame, or header data in video files.

10. Reset your Android or iPhone to fix Instagram video issue

To fix Instagram video issues on Android or iPhone, you can reset your smartphone. Resetting your phone to factory settings will erase all of the current data, but this usually solves problems with mobile apps.

Take a backup of your Android or iPhone before you reset it, just in case.

11. Contact Instagram

You can also report the issue to the developer if Instagram doesn’t respond to the aforementioned troubleshooting steps. To report a loading issue with an Instagram video, follow these steps:

  1. To access your profile, click on the profile picture.
  2. To report a problem, select Settings > Help.
  3. After that, follow the instructions on the screen to report your Instagram problem.


Instagram is a great social media site for connecting with others and sharing videos. However, the app’s sporadic video issues can be annoying. However, it is simple to fix Instagram videos that won’t play on an iPhone, Android, or computer. Try the suggested fixes to resume enjoying Instagram without any video issues.

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