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In-house Label Printing: 5 Benefits You Should Know 

Have you ever outsourced your packaging label printing and immediately regretted it? Many small businesses do. Because when you outsource, you have very little control over the process. Things like excessive lead time may harm your business in a big way. That’s why businesses crave control over every process involved in production. 

On the other hand, a business can do wonders when moved to in-house label printing. Of course, opting for in-house or outsourcing primarily depends on your business needs. Though first, you should know what merits in-house label printing packs for a business. 

Here are the top 5 benefits of in-house label printing that you should consider before making a decision. 

  1. Cost-effective

Everyone in the industry is well aware of how expensive outsourcing can be. 

When it comes to traditional label printing, print companies often request a huge number of labels. At times, it may be more than your requirement but you have to still go ahead with it. As a result, excess rolls of labels bought lay in stock for months on end. Labels can get dusty, discoloured, or yellowed over a lengthy period of storage and lose their adhesive capabilities. In no time, they will become outdated. This can become a significant wastage problem over time. 

In-housing is a much better and more economical alternative for businesses. It reduces costs because you only print what you need and this also saves storage and wastage of inventory. 

This is just one example of how in-house label printing saves you money. There are many more ways it can cut down your expenses.

  1. No waiting time

There is nothing more stressful than a waiting customer. Imagine having a customer waiting for their order for days because you haven’t received the labels from a third-party vendor. 

The outcomes of which are:

  • Missed deadlines, 
  • expensive fast-track shipments, 
  • backorders, 
  • low margins, and 
  • lost income.

All of which will ultimately reflect on your profits. 

This wouldn’t happen if you have an in-house label printing facility. Having an in-house label printer eliminates the uncertainty of label availability. Managers may always print the labels they need as long as they keep stock of printing supplies on hand. 

In this way, one can have full control over the label printing process. 

  1. Scalability

Big or small, it is critical in every business to continuously consider your company’s prospective expansion. Being prepared at all times will only help your business succeed. 

When you launch a new product, having in-house label printing helps you to get the product into production and to the client more quickly. This removes the procedures of contacting your vendor, obtaining approval for your new labels, and waiting for shipment. It creates a strategic advantage for you in the industry.

Having control over an internal labelling process will allow firms to be more flexible when adding new locations, making acquisitions, or merging with other organisations. The route to ROI is significantly accelerated by implementing a standardised approach in new facilities.

Entrepreneurs may also consider scaling into an enterprise label management system to further equip their labelling system with automation, traceability, and centralised labelling capabilities; all of which help in the further progress of a business. 

  1. Private labelling

Private labelling has flourished, particularly in the food, beverages, cosmetics, chemical, medicinal, CBD, and dietary supplement sectors. 

According to studies, most consumers prefer to buy private label or store-brand items because the product gives a greater perceived quality or value. 

Manufacturers who employ in-house colour label printers get a competitive advantage and can serve a larger market share by offering more consumers their private labelled items that are easily customised in reasonable, short-run label quantities.

  1. Quality control

Companies have uncompromising rules for quality control; especially for companies in heavily regulated industries, such as pharmaceuticals, medical equipment, hazardous chemicals, and, now, nutritional supplements and foods. 

It’s a headache for quality control managers when there is an error in the labelling process. Considering outsourcing is already a lengthy process, re-doing the whole process to correct one mistake is incredibly tough. 

This seldom happens with in-house label printing. As everything happens within close quarters, there’s less chance of such human errors. Even if it happens, the correction process takes much less time. 

There it is!

These are the top 5 merits of having an in-house label printing using professional label printers


It’s a misconception that only large companies can or should have in-house label printing. There’s no such rule. Even small businesses can have an in-house facility, perhaps in a small way based on the scale of your business, but sure. 

Most businesses choose to outsource because they misconstrue it as a cheaper option than In-house, which requires investment initially. However, a business owner must always look into the future. In-house proves to be more economical in the long run. 

So, choose a scalable solution that allows your company to readily develop and adapt to new challenges in the industry.

Uneeb Khan
Uneeb Khan
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