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Improve Existing Router WiFi Signal With Wavlink Extender

If you want to quickly increase the existing router WiFi signal range with the Wavlink extender then you will visit the correct page. After the entire study of this page without any interruption, you will be able to do the login and configuration process of the Wavlink extender.

  • Improve the existing router WiFi signal range.
  • Quickly do the login and installation process of the Wavlink extender.
  • By pressing the WPS button quickly do the installation process.
  • Place it in any location where you want.
  • Compatible with any brand of house main router.
  • First, take the computer and attach it to the network.
  • After that, place the Wavlink extender plug-in socket.
  • Next, wait to see if the power LED starts blinking.
  • Now, connect the computer to the Wavlink extender network.
  • Later, open Chrome on a connected WiFi device and type wifi.wavlink.com in the URL bar.
  • Further, insert all the relevant details shown on the page.
  • In the end, click on the login option to complete the Wavlink extender login procedure.

There are two methods to execute the configuration process of the Wavlink WiFi range extender. Consider the lower methods to do the configuration process.

By Pressing The Wavlink Extender WPS button

Note: When you are doing this process then make sure that your existing router must support the WPS button.

Initially, place the Wavlink extender unit near the router. After that, press the WPS button on both the extender and router unit. By doing this, the WPS LEDs start flashing solid on both gadgets. Thus, it means the extender and router successfully linked with each other. After connecting, place your extender in that location where you want to enjoy the fast internet speed.

Via Wavlink Application

The Wavlink application creates it easy to set up and manage all the settings of your Wi-Fi System. You can quickly install and configure your Wavlink Wi-Fi Network – just attach your mobile phone to the default WAVLINK Wi-Fi network.

Through Wavlink Extender Default Web Portal

  • First, take the computer and join it with the Wavlink extender network.
  • Now, open Chrome on an attached computer and type wifi.wavlink.com.
  • Later, fill in all the details which are shown on the wifi.wavlink.com setup page.
  • After that, tap on the setup wizard option and make the security password.
  • Next, pick the WiFi network that you want to boost.
  • In the end, fill in the details and tap on the connect option to finish the Wavlink extender software upgrade process.

There are so many solutions to fix the Wavlink extender issue.

Place Device At Halfway Location

The best location for the Wavlink extender device is the central location of your office and house. After placing your device in this location you will get the fast internet speed without any interruption. Also, make sure that the Wavlink extender doesn’t be placed closer to metal or electronic gadgets because they absorb all WiFi signals which come from the extender and router.

Replace Damaged Wires

We recommend that you check all the cables and if you see any damaged wires then replace all the damaged ethernet wires with a new one that connects with the Wavlink extender device.

Remove Additional WiFi Containing Device

If you are facing an issue then first try to remove the additional WiFi gadgets which connect with the Wavlink extender network but they are not in use. If you don’t know how many gadgets connect with your Wavlink extender network then try to visit the Wavlink extender web management page and then click on the Number of WiFi devices connected option.

Get Wavlink Extender Software Latest Version

To improve the Wavlink extender software, go to the Wavlink web management page. After that, look for the network administration and then click on the software upgrade option. In the end, if you see the latest version of the extender software file then install it on your computer and laptop.

Reset/Reconfigure Wavlink Extender

To reconfigure the Wavlink extender device, consider the below steps.

First, look for the reset button. After finding it, push that reset button with the help of a paper clip. Now, all the Wavlink extender LEDs will power off. Thus, the extender and router successfully linked with each other.

Do the Wavlink extender login and setup process again after resetting the Wavlink extender.

After a lot of information on this page now all the Wavlink extender users will be able to do the Wavlink extender login and configuration process. Stay near this page for future directions and and Wavlink AC1200 setup is a piece of cake! Follow our simple step-by-step guide to get your Wi-Fi up and running in no time. Say goodbye to buffering and enjoy fast, reliable internet with Wavlink AC1200.

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