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The Importance of Video Marketing for Modern Businesses

Video marketing is becoming more and more popular among businesses in recent years, as more organizations realize how much leverage it can grant them among audiences. There are so many benefits to video marketing, and with more than half of consumers wanting more branded video content from businesses, it is clear that there is a demand that businesses can tap into. One business we spoke to, TechQuarters, has used video marketing to market the IT support financial services companies get from them to a wider audience.

Benefits of Video Marketing

The advantages that video marketing has are many and varied. It is a great way of interacting and engaging with your target audience.

  • Video is popular among customers

The success of YouTube is a clear sign that video content is incredibly popular. The market of people engaging with video content is vast. If a business does things the right way, they can tap into this market and potentially double sales in the organisation. For example, the market of IT support services in London is huge, and with lots of competition. But companies like TechQuarters have been able to get an edge by leveraging video content (i.e. tutorial videos, industry news videos), to drive customer engagement with the brand.

  • Video supports existing strategies

Developing a video marketing strategy does not mean you need to replace your existing marketing strategies. On the contrary, video marketing is excellent for complementing other marketing methods. For example, do you have a weekly newsletter you send around to audiences and customers? Incorporating video content in those newsletters could actually boost engagement.

  • Search engines reward optimised video content

The great thing about video content being so popular is that platforms like Google are actually incentivising its use. If your video content is optimised in the right way. It could get displayed at the top of Google search results. It is important to make sure that the video content is SEO-optimized, edit it using a pro online video editor tool, then upload it to the right platform (YouTube is usually a good choice), and have an attention-grabbing title and description.

  • Video helps build customer trust

Due to the fact that consumers enjoy watching video content. (As demonstrated by the popularity of YouTube, and the levels of engagement that video content gets on social media), it is clear that video can help build trust among consumers. The secret is creating authentic content. Don’t try and copy what others are doing – find your brand’s unique voice and style when making videos, and it will resonate with consumers.

  • Video is relevant. Your brand should be too

The fact that video marketing is a relevant form of marketing is also an important reason why you should use it. Consumers don’t want to give their business to a brand that they feel is out of touch, or old fashioned. Leveraging engaging video content will make your brand feel fresh and relevant.

  • Consumers use video to inform purchases

Video is not just a form of entertainment. If you go on YouTube, you will find thousands of hours’ worth of videos dedicated to assessing and comparing products and services. Product reviews, and YouTube channels dedicated to educating viewers about certain things. This all indicates that consumers rely on video to help them pick the right product for them. If you can leverage this to your advantage, you can drive sales.

  • Live video is a big trend

As we mentioned earlier, video content can help build trust among consumers by developing an authentic image of your brand that people can believe in. Following on from this, there has been a surge in popularity for live video content. Both Facebook and Instagram (the two biggest social media platforms), allow users to live stream to audiences. The great thing about live video is that it drives engagement, because a live video is like an event that people will want to attend.

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