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Importance of Choosing the Right ATM Paper

ATM paper plays a significant role in the digital economy today. Digital technologies are forever evolving and changing our ways of transactions. The receipts from your ATM may sound insignificant, but they have a substantial role in digital transactions. 

No wonder the ubiquity factor of an ATM receipt may pose it as a not-so-substantial thing; it is an indispensable part of the banking system because of its numerous benefits to businesses and consumers.  

This blog post will highlight ATM receipt and its worldwide impact on banking institutions and businesses. So, let’s dive into the matter. 

Before we proceed further, let’s understand how ATM paper rolls make sense in transactions;  

ATM Rolls in The Digital World

The below mentioned two reasons below will help you understand why an ATM receipt still makes sense in 2023;

  • Banks still fill their machines with ATM thermal paper rolls because of the force of habit. The receipt from the ATMs gives us a sense of familiarity. You still have old documents that can offer proof of reference. Similarly, receipts hold the same significance. 
  • ATM receipts and printed information are considered more reliable than their digital counterparts. While the digital system has its fair share of cons, receipts can be accessed anytime. Also, you rarely open your email unless it is highly important. 
ATM Receipts
Cash receipts selection for sales products and hotel service realistic images collection on blue background vector illustration

Reasons Why Businesses Still Filling Their Machines with ATM Paper Roll

For example, let’s consider a worst-case scenario for an instance. Imagine a digital blackout on a mass level where all the digital bank statements are wiped out. While it would be easy to prove how much money you have in your bank account with a receipt paper, it could be tough to do the same with no online records. 

Although institutions incorporate robust digital management systems to streamline their banking and money-related transactions, nothing is 100% bulletproof in the digital realm. Even the tech giants running operations to safeguard businesses can be compromised. 

Therefore, it’s hard not to understand that industries and consumers prefer physical, financial forms like ATM paper receipts to optimize their transactional operations.   

Tips to Optimize ATM Receipts 

Paper for the credit card machines and other devices that conduct transactions in one way or another isn’t going anywhere – at least not for some time. Thus, here are some noteworthy tips for you;

  • The best way to promote your business, product, or service is to use ATM receipts as an advertising medium. It doesn’t require you to invest much in advertisement services. All you need is your paper receipt and get it printed with a promotional ad on the backside. Whether your customers buy some banking policy like insurance or get a transaction receipt, they will see the ad and get influenced.   
  • Look for the quality of the thermal paper you purchase. ATM paper rolls need to be reliable, durable, and long-lasting. Therefore, it is necessary to look for trustworthy suppliers like Telemark Diversified Graphics that offer top-quality ATM receipt rolls to financial institutions like banks. 
  • Thermal printing is the best option for receipt printing in any financial institution or a business where financial transactions occur consistently. Thermal paper products such as ATM receipts require thermal printers to proceed with printing. The receipt paper products TDG offers require no traditional ink ribbons and cartridges for printing. Therefore, the printing equipment requires less maintenance and offers a longer shelf life.
  • Whether you are looking for a Hyosung ATM receipt paper or any other thermal paper product, look for a supplier that provides these products at an affordable wholesale price. Established distributors such as TDG have a long track record with businesses all across the US. They focus on delivering high-quality products integrated with cutting-edge thermal paper technology at affordable prices.
  • Whether it is a credit card machine you are dealing with, or you need the receipt paper rolls for an ATM, look for a size that suits your financial institution’s transactional requirements. Telemark Diversified Graphics offers; 
  1. 3.15 x 900’ with Black Sense Marks
  2. 3.15 x 2500’ with Black Sense Marks
  3. 3.15 x 2500’ without Black Sense Marks
  4. 3.125 x 1960’ without Black Sense Marks
  5. 3.125 x 1960’ with Black Sense Marks
  6. 3.125 x 900; blank rolls on Heavyweight Paper
  7. 3.125 x 850’ blank rolls on Heavyweight Paper
People Lining to use ATM Machines
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Advantages of Using ATM Paper Receipt

Following are the merits of using these receipts in your monetary establishments;

  • It signifies the authenticity of your business and works as proof for the transaction you make from the ATM. 
  • It protects your financial management from potential fraud as it is connected with a POS system integrated with CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software.
  • Having ATM receipt paper means that the information mentioned on the receipt is 100% accurate and that the institution protects the personal details illustrated on it. 
  • The receipt paper is coated with a heat-sensitive substance that prints a piece of information in a millisecond without needing any ink. 
  • Due to the thermal printing technology used in printing ATM paper receipts, it is easier to handle customers in less time. 

How to Know You Are Connecting with The Right Supplier?   

It would be best if you connected with the right supplier to buy optimum-quality ATM paper. If you want to determine if you have contacted the right supplier, compare them with other market leaders. Now, check if the selected paper roll offered by the other brand is better than the one you have bought.

You can also request the supplier to test the quality. It is the best way to see if the product you are buying is the right fit for your business. Besides that, experienced suppliers having good customer experience will have no problem sending you a fraction of their product you. 

Final Thoughts

Banking establishments widely use ATM paper to automate their transactional operations. The receipts used in ATM transactions help provide accurate banking information. However, your business must have the right type, size, length, and quality of paper to sustain business for several years. 


Q. What is an ATM paper?

A. It is a kind of thermal paper that is used in ATMs for transacting receipts. The receipts provide your banking details which the institution keeps safe in its system. The receipt paper works on thermal paper technology in which the paper changes color when a certain amount of temperature is introduced to the thermally sensitive layer of the paper. 

Q. What information do ATM paper receipts provide?

A. The paper receipt provides your banking details related to the transaction from an ATM. It also advertises an advertisement being promoted by the bank. It keeps you from potential fraud and theft and is proof of transaction. 

Q. How long do ATM paper receipts last?

A. The receipt paper has a long shelf life lasting several years. Some thermal paper lasts for more than 15 years. Due to its high durability, thermal paper is widely used in almost all industries worldwide. 

Q. Where do I get ATM paper rolls?

A. There are several distributors in the market offering various types of thermal paper, and that includes; ATM receipt paper rolls as well. Therefore, look for a supplier that has the best customer experience.     

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