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If you are unfamiliar with Cirkul, you will learn everything you need to know and more from this page.

It’s hard to know how genuine their intentions are. My decision to try out Cirkul was influenced by a hope that my neutral review would be useful to others in making a purchase.

Defining the term “Cirkul” for us, please.

Flavoring cartridges (called Sips) can be inserted into the Cirkul coupons water bottle system to give plain water a variety of flavours. The Sip design features a flavour intensity scale running from 0 (water) to 10. (unbearably full flavored).

  • They have over 40 different flavours, all of which are sugar-free thanks to the use of Stevia or sucralose (Splenda) or are unsweetened.
  • Over the past few years, six unique Sips varieties, each with its own idiosyncrasies, have been created.
  • Vitamin B-enhanced LifeSips
  • The use of electrolyte-enhanced nutritional supplements, such as FitSips
  • Caffeine-fortified GoSips
  • Made with no additional sugar, PureSips are a healthy alternative.
  • The TeaSips Caffeine Infused Tea
  • Cappuccino with sugar and caffeine
  • If nothing else, that’s what the canonical website states.
  • It is possible to fill a standard water bottle six times with a single Sip before it must be replaced.
  • Drinks from the Sip line can be enjoyed up to 10 days after opening without losing their signature taste.
  • In an effort to get more people to drink water and reduce their consumption of sugary drinks, Sips was marketed as a low-calorie alternative to soda.

Shopping Online with Doorstep Delivery

A purchase from Cirkul’s coupons was simple for me to make, and both the ordering and payment processes went smoothly and without incident. Besides the six different Sips, I ordered a 22-ounce squeeze bottle.

Bottles are available in a wide variety of sizes, shapes, and materials, including glass and plastic. Items to help maintain an open box The online shop sells a variety of refreshing drinks, as well as a variety of coloured tops and a cool sleeve.

They travelled for a total of 11 days before they arrived at my house.

My order arrived six days after I placed it. This isn’t the fastest shipping time, but after hearing other people’s stories of delays, I wasn’t expecting my parcel to arrive till much later. Dissection of Packaging and Test Subjects

My order was fulfilled and the shipping arrived safely. When I heard what all the fuss was about, I wanted to find out for myself.

The Pinnacle of Quality and Class.

This 22-ounce squeeze bottle is made from BPA-free plastic and can be cleaned in the dishwasher.

The Sip cartridge is placed in a big opening (“cirkul”) at the top of the container, and the handle doubles as a lid lock. If you have a wide-mouth water bottle that you really like and don’t want to throw away, this lid is an excellent investment.

Every one of these cups has its own flavour control spout and knob.

There was no defect in any of the six Sips I purchased; I had complete control over the intensity of the flavour, from almost watery to downright jarring.

The Sips’ adaptability in flavouring meant I could drink something new every day of the week.

Water can sometimes bubble up at the mouth and spill over the edge of the bottle due to the air released by the sipping nozzle between sips. The manufacturer recommends consuming water directly from the bottle until the Sip cartridge is empty.

I found cirkul that my squeeze bottle was not very effective at keeping water cool; thus, I suggest investing in a chill sleeve for plastic bottles, or even better, an insulated stainless steel one.

On the Sip flavour intensity scale, a 4 or 5 meant that I could enjoy the beverage for four to five refills. Each refill for a Sip cartridge will cost about $0.80, making the initial purchase price about $4. If you frequently spend more on beverages like coffee or soda, this is a steal.

Finally, an answer to everyone’s most pressing concern… Comment on the taste if you like to.

Here are some of my reflections on the various flavours I’ve tried:

Flavor of FitSip: Tropic Blast (electrolyte-infused)

In my opinion, it has one of the nicest flavours available. The orange and coconut flavours played secondary roles to the pineapple flavour. It was too sweet at the higher settings, so I kept the dial at around 4.

This Sip wasn’t overly sickeningly sweet, but the lingering film in the back of my throat from the sucralose made it less than ideal. The omitting of sugar or the other ingredients might have caused this. I enjoyed the taste so much that I finished the entire bottle.

Unsweetened PureSip with a Hint of Peach.

Unexpectedly, the flavour of this Sip was very similar to that of peach-flavored water. Peach flavour faded and was replaced by a harsh aftertaste as the dial passed the halfway point.

PureSips is a fantastic alternative to sugary drinks for those who prefer subtler flavours.

The fact that they are free of artificial sweeteners is another perk for me.

Cool down with a glass of iced coffee flavoured with a touch of mocha.

In comparison to the others, this one was my least favourite.

I had great hopes for it because of how much I like coffee and mocha.

In the end, I was very disappointed.

Surprisingly, the coffee flavour was scarcely detectable.

It had an excellent chocolate flavour, but the artificial sweetener overpowered it, making it taste like Nesquik.

The final product was far too sweet for human consumption.

Not sure if I’ll be able to drink the whole Sip.

Of the several flavours available, this one stands out as my favourite.

Excellent taste; very reminiscent to orange Gatorade in taste.

The artificial sweetener was unnoticed by my taste buds.

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