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Does the Stoptober campaign work?

Have you heard anything about Stoptober? These days, social media and news is roaming with highlights of Stoptober with images of disposable vape and cigarettes. You might be confused about what that is.

How is this word related to doozy bar vape or cigarette? Let us guide you through the details about Stoptober and its connection to crystal pro bar and cigarettes. Read below to find out all the details.

Understanding the Stoptober Campaign

The Stoptober campaign is named by combining two words; October and Stop. It aims to give you the idea of stopping smoking whenever you read this word. Think of STOP when you read half of this word.

It is one of the major events in the UK that combines all of the nations together for the greater good. It is a task to quit smoking for 28 days only, and the campaign promises that you’ll end up leaving smoking forever after this time.

The task starts on 1 of Oct and continues till 28 Oct. This program is set to 28 days because alot of research says that you can leave any habit or addiction in just 28 days if you don’t perform it.

Origin of Stoptober

There are hundreds of campaigns existing that aim to stop smoking. But only a few of them works. According to records, October is the month in which the least number of smokers are leaving cigarettes.

Keeping these statistics in mind, Stoptober was introduced in 2012 as an intervention for smokers to leave cigarettes. Public Health England Department of Health initiated this campaign in the UK to make England smoke-free and healthy.

Showing Smoker’s a Positive Side of Life

A smoker feels alot as he/she smokes. It may be stress, social pressure, anxiety, or other reasons. Deep inside, they know it’s wrong and should stop it. But, only a smoker knows how it feels to quit smoking. The never-ending urge to light cigarettes and that warm tobacco smoke into your lungs. It takes alot of courage to control this urge.

We’re here to support smokers with social support and encourage them that they can leave smoking and that the whole nation is standing with them.

Identifying The Issues Triggered By Smoking

Most smokers know what they’re getting into when they start smoking. However, they don’t realise the seriousness of the situation. Cigarettes can alter their life in many ways, such as their health, social circle, finances, and so much more.

The Idea Behind The Campaign

If you’re thinking, what’s the difference between Stoptober and other cigarette cessation campaigns? Here’s the answer. Other cigarette leaving or cessation campaigns alert smokers about the negative sides of cigarettes to make them fear for their lives and quit cigarettes.

However, Stoptober focuses on hope and positivity. It aims to create a positive social movement to target the mass smokers population. Stoptober believes that one day, every smoker will stop smoking.

Success Rates Of Stoptober

Stoptober has become a showstopper campaign for quitting cigarettes. When this campaign started in 2012, 19.3% of all adults smoked. However, in recent 2019 statistics, the estimated amount of people smoking is 13.9%. That’s a huge difference! Thanks to Stoptober.

In another research, it was noticed that there was an approximately 50% increase in quitting cigarettes in October than in the rest of the year. What are you waiting for? There’s never going to be a better time to quit cigarettes!

How Can Vapes Help?

Vapes, especially disposable vapes, play a significant role in the success rate of Stoptober. If a smoker is having a tough time leaving nicotine but wants to leave tobacco-filled cigarettes, they should opt for vapes.

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