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How You Can Setup Brostrend AC 1200  Extender at Your Home

In your houses, a WIFI extender provides better wireless coverage to dead spots. The Brostrend AC1200 Wifi extension lets you connect up to 20 devices, which is wonderful news. Also, you may enjoy WIFI speeds of 867Mbps on 5GHZ and 300Mbps on the 2.4GHz WIFI band. Sometimes people face problems with the extender setting and acer do mistake while connecting the extender and router.

 We provide you with some steps to adapt the brostrendwifi setup at your home to enhance network coverage. 

Setup BrostrendWIFI Extender Signal Booster

There are two ways to set up a brostrend extender. First is to use the web user interface or the WPS button to install a WIFI extender.

Use three LEDs on the extender help you in the setup process:

PWR LED – The power LED blinks to indicate that the WIFI extender is turning on when you plug it into an electrical outlet. The WIFI extender’s LED later turns solid, indicating that it turned on. If the LED is off, the extension isn’t inserted into the outlet.

WPS LED: To indicate that a WPS connection has been successfully established, the LED turns solid ON and blinks. The WPS function is not active if the LED is off. The extender is correctly positioned and connects to the WIFI router when the signal LED is solid blue. The solid red hue, indicates that the extension is distant from the router and that you must move it inside the

Signal LED-The extender is correctly positioned and connected to the WiFi router when the signal LED solid blue. The extension may be too far away from the router if it is solid red. In which case you must move it closer to the router. Last but not least, the extenders off light shows that it is not linked to the wireless router.

Using WPS Easy Setup

You can plug the WIFI extender into the strength socket close to or withinside the equal room. Once the PWR LED turns strong blue, you may first press the router’s WPS button to spark off the WPS pairing function. Next, you ought to press the WPS button at the WIFI extender within mins of allowing WPS at the wi-fi router and no later than that. 

 You ought to be the affected person and wait till you notice the Signal LED turning strong blue at the extender. Now, you’re geared up to browse the Internet withinside the useless zones of your private home without annoying signals.

Using Web User Interface

  • Wait for the PWR LED to turn solid blue before connecting the extender to the power source. The Wi-Fi device can then be connected by default to the extender’s BrosTrend EXT wireless network.
  • You must first turn off mobile data on the mobile device in order to search for the extended network. However, if you are using a computer, it will automatically find the IP address and the DNS server address.
  • Next, launch re.brostrend.com into the address bar of your browser. You can make a password for logging in here so that you can change the Wi-fi settings at a later time

You may connect a wired device, a multi-user gaming console, and a smart TV using the BrostrendWIFI range extender as an adaptor. The media player, PCs, game consoles, and Smart TVs can all connect via Ethernet cable using the Internet-enabled Ethernet ports.

Unable to Connect Brostrend Wi-fi Extender to Existing Router

If the existing router uses WPA or WEP encryption, the WIFI extender might not be able to connect to the wireless network. However, you can scan the current WIFI network by changing the router’s encryption settings to WPA-PSK or WPA2-PSK.

Press the restart button on the Brostrend Wi-fi extender if you want to return to the factory default settings. To continue with the setup procedure, wait until the PWR LED turns solid blue


These instructions help you to quickly install the BrostrendWIFI extender to spreading WIFI signals at home. Brostrandwifi extender you can purchase at a very low cost. It covers approximately 1200 square feet. Brostrend Extender Setup is the best option for getting a high-speed network at your home and offices.

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