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How to View and Download Instagram Profile Pictures


Recently, Instagram reported one billion active users on its platform which means that a good chunk of the world’s populace follows the social media platform to register their daily lives.

However, Instagram has some limitations when it comes to profile pictures and one of the most troublesome restrictions is that. You cannot view a full-size profile pictures on the app you are only left with a rectangular box to churn your imaginations.

If you are one of those who is looking to find a way out of this problem. Then you must keep digging this article to find fruitful results.

Downloading high-quality DP without using the app

Apart from one billion people, many other individuals on earth don’t follow any social networking site and are not on social media at all. But, they still have a thorough eye on social media and they get the job done without even creating an account.

If you are someone who hasn’t created an account yet but still wants to download other people Instagram profile pictures, then you must visit a website Instazoom which allows anyone on the Internet to see other’s people profile picture without any of much effort.

While using Insta Zoom, you don’t have to worry about creating an Instagram account you can just fetch their username. Enter it in the search bar and you will be presented with a full-form HD profile pictures that can be viewed and downloaded.

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Downloading High Quality on Android and iOS

There are several third-party online website that can download Insta profile pictures but for your ease, I will list some of them here: Insta profile, Insta Zoom, Instazoomer, Instagrammies, and many more.

For Android and iOS users, you can download the Insta profile app on your phone and let it launch on your mobile device. Enter your email or phone number to register.

Once you are done logging in, enter the username of the targeted profile and will get different picture qualities 320P, 640P, or 1080P. You can download the HD picture from any of the options listed above.

How to view and download Instagram profile pictures on a PC

Although Instagram is a smartphone-based website it is a little bit easier to download profile pictures from Instagram on a PC rather than a smartphone.

  • Open your default browser and log in to the Instagram app
  • Open the user profile you wanted to download the profile pictures from
  • Right-click on the DP and select open in the new tab
  • Go to the new tab to watch the picture in its full form
  • Download the picture by right-clicking and selecting the ‘Save Image as’ option

Paid Application

There is a paid subscription associated with the Qeeky app that let you download profile images in high quality. Although a part of its version is free the paid version offers more advantages and qualities than the unpaid one. The Week To version costs $2.99 and if you purchase the pro version, you’ll see the pictures in their original size.

Why does Instagram reduce the size of the pictures?

No matter how expensive a phone or lens you use Instagram ends up reducing the size of the pictures hence ruining the quality of the image. Why is it so? Because Instagram is owned by a parent company called Meta that runs WhatsApp, Instagram, and Facebook. Three social media platform with billions of people on them tends to overwhelm the servers so to keep the servers from overloading the size of the image gets reduced in any of the Meta’s owned platform.

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No matter whether the image is small, super small, squeezed, or square-shaped you know the drill. Just follow the above-mentioned methods to get a full-sized HD image in your gallery.

Share your experience with us and recommend this article to your friends and family who are also looking for a solution to their Insta-related problem.

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