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How to Use LED Grow Lights for Indoor Plants

Growing indoor plants is fun but can get confusing after a while. Most people struggle with figuring out how to get their plants all the elements they need for healthy growth. One of the ways to do this is to get enough lights for your indoor plants.

While there are people who take their plants out to get some sun. It might not work for you if your area rarely gets enough sunshine. Using LED grow lights is the way to go. Here is how you need to know how LED grow lights can help your indoor plants.

What is LED grow lights?

LED grow lights are lights made with specific settings to mimic the sunlight plants get when outside. As such, you can grow your plants inside, and they will flourish like outdoor plants.

Tips on using LED grow light

Even though LED grow lights mimic the sun, you still need to ensure you use them right. Failure to do so and you either end up with underexposed plants or scorched plans because of the harsh lights. Here are some helpful pointers on ensuring you get and use the right grow lights.

Use full spectrum bulbs.

Since you are trying to mimic the sun and how it works, it is best if you use full spectrum bulbs. They have a balance of warm and cool lights and will work to ensure that your plants are not missing out on any of the goodness they would get from the sunlight.

Use the right intensity.

One of the biggest mistakes people make with LEDs is thinking they are not so intense. As such, you end up making them too right or putting them too close to your plant. Doing this will lead to overexposure to the light, wilt the plants or dry them up. One of the things you need to do is place the light at least 12 inches away from the plant. 

You can go as far as 36 inches if your plant needs less light. Do your research on your plants and the amount of light they need. That way, you make an informed decision on light placement.

Ensure all the plants are exposed.

One of the mistakes you might make when using grow light is not fully exposing all the plants to the lights. Even though they are powerful, they mostly cover a particular section when lit. You need to ensure that you get enough light for all your plants. In most cases, you might have to get more than one light. Not positioning all your plants to the light means that some will die while others might end in the direction of the bulb. It interferes with the normal growth process of the plants.

The right grow light means you can grow your plant indoors without worrying about taking it out to the sun daily. It makes it easy for you to grow your plants if you live in an area with very little sun. The pointers above come in handy when you start your indoor garden. Try it out and see how it works for you.

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