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How to Use Christmas Squishmallows for Home and Tree Decor

What Is Christmas Squishmallow?

Christmas Squishmallows are inspired by the Christmas theme. Since Christmas came in winter, you can also see winter’s touch in it also. Christmas Squishmallows offer multiple Squishmallows on the occasion of Christmas. Meaning that this collection is actually more of a fusion of several different Christmas units from several different years rather than one cohesive group. Christmas Squishmallows also known as the holiday squad include Santa, Brooke the polar bear, Jen the penguin, Ruby the reindeer, Manny the snowman, and Elliot the elf. Now, these Squishmallows are available so we suggest why wait for Christmas, the sooner you get one the better it is.

The Popularity of Christmas Squishmallows

Squishmallows Christmas are so loved by all the people. As these adorable squishy creatures are perfect cuddle buddies. Christmas Squishmallows are so popular that on social media you can see everyone flaunting their squishmallow. There is even a very famous TikTok hashtag #Squishmallows which has gained over 550 million views. Gift of Christmas squishmallow on Christmas is a perfect gift for your loved ones. Especially kids who would love to get Santa as a gift. Consider them getting a set of mini Squishmallows. These cute little plush toys are perfect for cuddling and their small size makes them easy to carry.

Guide on How to Use Christmas Squishmallows for Home Decor on Christmas

Christmas Squishmallows come in various designs and can be easily used to decorate houses. Squishmallows like Santa and Christmas trees can really enhance your house’s Christmas decoration. Christmas squad is one of the all-time favorites of our customers and is the perfect decoration for your house. The following are the ways you can decorate your house on Christmas using the Christmas squad.

Shelf Decor:

                         The shelf is the classic way of decorating using Squishmallows; it never goes out of style. Paint your shelf wall white and then decorate the shelf with Squishmallows the way you like. It is one of the quickest and easy ways to decorate the house with the help of Squishmallows. 

Desk Accessory:

                               It’s exciting to decorate your desk with some of your favorite Squishmallows. Just place the shelf on the table and carefully arrange them on the desk as if they were part of your table. Then decorate your desk according to your taste.

Kitchen Decoration:

                                You can decorate your kitchen by using Squishmallows. You can easily place Squishmallows on the wooden shelf of the kitchen. In that way, your squishmallow will be safe from dust and will look amazing at the same time. You just need to make some room for squishmallow.

Nightstand Buddy:

                                      Squishmallow is your bedroom and nightstand buddy, as people like its soft touch. And it is a cuddling buddy for a lot of people. And it can increase your nightstand look if you use squishmallow as decoration.

Car Accessory:

                                As big Squishmallows are used for house decoration, you can use small Squishmallows as a car accessory. You can use squishmallow to be the car’s keychain. As you know Squishmallows are very soft and comforting, you can use squishmallow in the car seat to get extra comfort. Moreover, it can also be used as decoration in cars.

Guide on How to Use Christmas Squishmallows for Tree Decor on Christmas

Tree decoration is an important task on Christmas. Now trending Christmas Decoration Ideas are trees using Squishmallows. You can use the famous Santa Claus and carol the Christmas tree squishmallow to decorate your Christmas tree.


                      Ornaments are a very important part of the decoration. Using baubles as tree ornaments is pretty old fashion now, you can use mini Squishmallows as ornaments for Christmas tree decoration. It will take tree decoration to the next level.


                     A typical garland for Christmas is very difficult to make, but you can easily make a garland with your collection of Christmas Squishmallows. Mixed with some lightning and it will take your tree decoration to the next level.


                 You can use Christmas squishmallow as a wreath on the door. This unique idea for house decoration will be surely appreciated by your visitors on Christmas. A Santa clause or Carl the Christmas tree will be suitable to be used as a wreath.


           Squishmallow as a gift is a perfect choice. What other gift can be better than a Christmas squishmallow gift on Christmas? From young ones to adults everyone will love your gift. Gift giving and sharing love is the true spirit of Christmas and squishmallow has the ability to fulfill it.

Placing Below the Christmas tree:

                                                                       It’s a tradition to put gifts under the Christmas tree for kids. And it is believed Santa has left it there. You can put your kid’s favorite character squishmallow under the tee. It will be a nice surprise for them.


                         Christmas Squishmallows are very famous due to their unique style. It is the perfect gift for your loved ones. You can use this as a decoration piece to decorate your home, car, and another place you like. If you don’t want to decorate your Christmas tree in the traditional way then Christmas squishmallow is a good option. You can use Squishmallows as ornaments, garlands, and wreaths very easily.

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