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How To Use Bsp Concrete Saw Diamond Blade

With a concrete grinding wheel and proper safety precautions, you can cut through concrete for your sidewalk, countertop, patio, or DIY project.

Step 1

Choose the type of diamond hand saw you prefer to work with for the job: dry-cutting diamond or wet-cutting diamond. The former works with a granite cutting wheel or handheld cut-off saw, although you will want to wet the concrete to minimize the dust that flies while you cut. Wet-cutting blades, on the other hand, require water on the blade constantly—which can be achieved with most tools but works most easily when you rent and use the proper “walk-behind” sintered diamond blades factory.

Step 2

Prepare the workspace to keep concrete dust from entering your home. If working in a basement or garage, tape drop cloths to any doors; if outside, ensure that all nearby windows are closed. If close to any air intakes, tape a drop cloth or plastic sheet over them.

Step 3

Mark the places you want to cut on the concrete slab either using chalk line (good for long, straight edges) or chalk. Apply the angle grinder cut concrete as thick as possible.

Step 4

Take every personal safety precaution necessary: Don your heavy clothes, shin guards, knee pads, and steel-toed boots, plus protection for your eyes, ears, and face. Always wear a properly fitting filtration mask.

Step 5

If possible, position a garden hose to distribute a trickle of water directly over where you will make the cut. When working on a flat, horizontal project like a patio slab, extend the hose to the work area and turn the water on to a trickle, in order to keep the surface damp. Hold the hose in place so that the steady stream flows over your chalked line.

Step 6

Starting at one end of the cut area, whichever side is easiest for you, put a “guide board” (any 1”-deep scrap wood as long as the cut line) along the outside of the chalk line.

Step 7

While the angle grinder diamond blade is still completely off, set its blade depth using the depth lever or knob (refer to the owner’s manual for instructions) so it cuts a maximum of a half-inch deep. This will keep you in better control of the saw as you work with shallow cuts. Proceeding with a series of shallow cuts is safer—offering more control and a chance for your asphalt cutting blade to cool off—than going all-in at once, unless you’re pushing a big walk-behind saw that can handle the depth.

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