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How to Use an Electric Nail Drill Safely

These rotary-powered electronic devices have many uses, ranging from filing, drilling, removing acrylics, etc. Also known as an e-file, an electric nail drill is a nail artist or nail art fanatic’s best friend.

Though an e-file makes it easy to enjoy a professional salon-like manicure or pedicure at home, there are things to keep in mind regarding safety. This is to avoid causing a mess with the mani/pedi and terrible accidents!

All it takes is some time and whole lots of practice. So, let’s see the safety rules.

Using an Electric Drill Safely

If you’re starting out, it’s best to have thorough knowledge. Apart from the safety tips, you can consider joining a full-time nail drilling course.

Let’s get into the safety rules now.

Purchase the Right Kind of E-File

The first thing that will help determine the degree of safety you enjoy is the quality of the electric nail drill itself. Be wary of brands selling cheap products at discount stores. There’s always a hidden cost!

Choose a reputed brand and the right model that you’re confident using. Spend time researching different models and brands. Perhaps, you’ll need a few of them for various purposes.

Select a Nail File with Low Vibration

If the nail bit drills too far in, its vibration can lead to chipping of the nail or more severe damage. Since you’ll be using the e-file for years down the line, ensure its drill parts run smoothly.

Before choosing an e-file, think about your specific needs, how frequently you’ll use it, etc.

Ensure the Drill is Top-Quality

In case you’re setting up your nail art studio or will be using the e-file regularly, even for personal use, it’s best to rely on top brands that always give quality a priority. They might be pricier, but they are undoubtedly worth it.

As for the drill, the best ones can quickly adapt to most file bit sizes. Choose such a drill to ensure that you have complete control over the filing without worrying about a drill that’s too large or too small.

Practice Good Hygiene

Another important step in safe nail filing is to practice good nail hygiene. Clean tools will enable you to carry out clean work. Before and after each use, ensure you disinfect the nail filing bits. This is especially true if you’re running a salon and the e-file is used on more than one pair of hands or feet!

As for the filings, gently brush them away with the help of a soft-bristle toothbrush. If you find the bit stuck onto nail polish, it takes a minute’s soaking in acetone to rectify the situation.

Dry All Parts Thoroughly!

It’s important that none of your e-file equipment, including the individual’s nail, be wet before the filing or drilling can begin. As such, ensure that you dry and disinfect every part before and after use.

Store each part in its respective (separate) container for easy access.

It’s a Wrap!

Before purchasing an electric nail drill, remember a few things. First, remember that the drill must ideally accommodate all standard file sizes. Then, the drill bits should be low-vibrational. Thirdly, the drill should offer adequate power for prolonged usage.

Finally, the product should come with technical support or a warranty. If it meets these factors, rest assured that you have a top-class e-file that will last for years!

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