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How to Thrive as a Digital Nomad in Malta?

Malta is a beautiful island that easily makes you forget that you are a remote worker and you have to work to maintain your digital nomad lifestyle! 

Many digital nomads struggle with work / life balance and needing to maintain a proper routine, and who wouldn’t when faced with the stunning landscapes, glowing beaches, mouth-watering cuisines, and multiple outdoor activities that make one forget real life?

However, to thrive as a digital nomad in Malta, you must create a harmonious work-life balance with the perfect blend of work, fun, relaxation, and exploration. 

If you are thinking of coming to Malta or have obtained your digital nomad visa for Malta, this blog is will help you to plan your journey to this enthralling archipelago and start on the right note.

Embrace The Digital Nomad Lifestyle

To start on the right note, you must start your research before boarding that flight to Malta. Here are certain key areas to cover:

Choose Your Base

So, have you decided where you are going to live in Malta? There are many options depending on which kind of life you are looking for. 

Valletta is a small, quaint, and inexpensive city where you can live comfortably. Sliema or St Julians is the right choice if you want to experience Malta’s nightlife. If you are looking for inspiration, serenity, and relaxation in nature’s lap, then Gozo is your base. Evolve Coliving is located 15mins walk from Sliema and St Julians, and an 8-minute taxi from Valetta in a beautiful land quiet residential neighbourhood. This makes a great option for peace, quiet, and accessibility to the main areas. So, choose one.

Coworking and Coliving Spaces

Malta is one of the digital nomad hotspots in Europe because it has a strong community of digital nomads and ex-pats, along with a diverse range of restaurants, bars, cafes, history, hikes beaches and more. Additionally, the Evolve coliving and coworking space offers affordable accommodation and comfortable working spaces that present the opportunity to engage in intellectual dialogues with your peers who are also leading a successful digital nomadic lifestyle and can guide you on your journey.

High-Speed Internet

Explore your options for establishing a fast and secure connection in Malta. Whether you use a local SIM card or a WiFi router, you must know it. Evolve offers wired 1000/60 wifi on a ubiquity mesh network

Work-Life Balance

Now you have an amazing base, a thriving community of digital nomads and top-quality wifi set up. Once you have landed in Malta, you must take care of the following points:

Create a Routine

It is easy to lose yourself in Malta’s beauty and charm. Many find it helpful to establish a routine, schedule work, fun and healthy hours to perfectly balance commitments and your travelling desires. Evolve offers 

Navigating the Nomadic Lifestyle

A Malta digital nomad visa is a ticket to endless fun. Get clued up on the following to make for an easy ride!

Local Cuisine

Exploring local cuisine is every traveller’s number one priority. However, you need not dine every day in high-end restaurants to experience the authentic taste of Malta. Street food in Malta is very famous, and it is affordable, you can have a lip-smacking meal in Valletta, Gozo, and everywhere on the island for $10. Again, you must also set a budget for everything, including clothing, exploring, transportation, lodging, etc.


The public transportation in Malta is very good. The public buses are always available to carry you from one place to another. You can also opt for taxi services, which might cost a little more, but save time. The best way to navigate Malta is to rent a scooter or bicycle. It is an affordable choice.

Immerse Yourself Locally

If you want to know the best way to thrive in Malta, then engage with the local and expat community of the island, who will share their best ideas for you to navigate Malta. Make conversation with your landlord, the grocery shop owner, the drivers, etc.; their friendliness will amaze you.

Join coworking spaces, where you will find other digital nomads. These spaces also organize meetups, seminars, and other networking opportunities, which greatly help the new nomads.

Explore The Island Life

Malta is a treasure for those who wish to explore it. The stunning waters of Blue Grotto, the countryside of Gozo, the nightlife of St. Julian’s, the peace of Valletta, etc., are not just stories but things you must experience in Malta. The island has a rich history and numerous ancient sites, which will make you fall in love with it. Then, there are outdoor activities like diving, hiking, or simply enjoying the serenity of the beaches. You cannot skip Malta as a digital nomad.

Final Thoughts

There are several digital nomad destinations, but there is none like Malta. This is why more and more digital nomads are making their way to the island. If you haven’t applied for a Malta digital nomad visa, do it now and experience the fulfilling lifestyle of this beautiful digital nomad destination.

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John Oliver
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