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How to Spot Good Backlink Sites: 5 Tips For Success

Good backlink sites are hard to come by, but fortunately, they’re out there. Whether you’re trying to grow your own business or whether you’re trying to get some links going back to your site, having some solid, good, quality backlink sites can make all the difference in how fast you grow and how many people you reach out to with your business. Here are some tips on how to spot good backlink sites that might be able to help you in your business endeavours. If you have any tips of your own that you think would be beneficial, add them as well!

One of Google’s ranking factors is backlinks, which are essentially external links directing traffic to a website. If you want to see how your competitor is doing in terms of SEO, you can use Google Webmaster Tools or any other SEO tools (or maybe you have your own) and analyze his/her backlinks. Also, it’s a good idea to check some backlink analysis tools. These might provide you with more comprehensive results on your competitors’ backlinks.

It’s no secret that in order to improve your search ranking and online exposure, you need backlinks. While you can find some of these through social media shares and word of mouth, many other high-quality links will come from high-ranking websites with relevant content. Of course, there are a number of ways to research these sites on your own the problem is finding a good backlink analysis tool.

A backlink analysis tool such as Open Site Explorer can help you assess a website’s overall SEO value. Once you’ve performed an initial link audit, search for mentions of your brand’s name you’ll likely find a few examples of backlinks pointing directly to your site.

Step 4) Check anchor text consistency

It’s important that your anchor text is used with consistency across your backlinks. The easiest way to make sure that you are doing so is by using a tool like SEMrush. If you have an influx of new backlinks coming in, chances are your anchor text consistency will be a bit off. But with tools like SEMRush, you can easily fix it and make sure all of your backlinks use similar words for their link text.

Step 5) Observe other rankings signals

Use a backlink-scanning tool, such as Ahrefs or Open Site Explorer, to search for backlinks. You can enter keywords that reveal search backlinks where other websites rank in Google’s search results, and these tools will report on sites that may be relevant and useful for your campaign. Note any poor links that have a negative SEO impact like keyword stuffing and take them down before they can cause you problems.


The sites that are easiest for users will often be less efficient for SEO. On top of that, many of those SEO tools backlink companies on the internet and give wrong information about things which should not be done and also, when done, things that should be done. Infiniterounds is a great website for information about backlinks and search engine optimization.

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