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How to set up the Orbi Tri-Band AX5700 router?

Orbi AX5700 is a tri-band Wi-Fi router that works dedicatedly to create a perfect high-range mesh network. It does not react like your traditional routers that always need a Wi-Fi range of extenders to enhance the signal.

Get the freedom to use reliable, seamless, and secure connectivity. It features a simple app-based login into the Orbilogin.com login page. Their official app will keep you updated with all the latest information and network status to solve interruptions without putting you in a waiting session for many hours or days. You should collect the Orbi Netgear password and username information before proceeding with the login and Orbi setup process.

Methods to connect your Orbi AX5700 with the router

You can connect the router to the configuration device like a computer using an Ethernet cable. A wired connection altogether can increase the range of your Orbi AX5700 Wi-Fi system. It also decreases the hazards of wireless hurdles. Connect the router to the power slot after finishing the above step. The Orbi AX5700 router will now connect to the wired connection automatically. 

Directions for how to set up the orbi AX5700 router

Download the Orbi setup app from the app store or the Google play store. How to set up Orbi is the primary question before accessing its settings. You can use the Orbi setup app with your Android device to set up the router without any trouble. The Orbi app has a feature that automatically identifies the router and satellite for the setup. It also demonstrates the Orbi Netgear password change process with the help of an animated guide describing the entire process. Know how to set up the Orbi AX5700 router with the below-mentioned steps.

Prerequisites to begin the process: –

1. Get the latest version of the Orbi app from the Google play store.

2. A smartphone/mobile device with the latest android version.

3. A running internet connection from the router or the modem gateway.

Get underway the Orbi AX5700 login process  

  • Launch the downloaded Orbi app from your android device.
  • Tap on the icon to launch the Netgear Orbi setup and login app.
  • When prompted, turn on your Bluetooth. You can use Bluetooth for the process of Routerlogin.net.
  • To automatically turn on the Bluetooth, click the turn on button.
  • While powering the Bluetooth device, some android mobiles will show the notifications on the Location Services. 
  • Allow the location services to turn on for better results.
  • You will see a page with descriptions of the terms and conditions. Click yes to agree. 
  • The app will look for nearby devices connected to the Orbi AX5700 router. 
  • When you find the Netgear Orbi setup and login page, tap on the Next button to continue. 
  • Enter the Orbi Netgear password and username, and then hit the login button.
  • If it does not get the Routerlogin net page automatically, it might need the Netgear Orbi router manually.
  • Orbi routerlogin.net will now check for the internet connection, and after detecting the internet, it will resume over step 19. 
  • If it does not find the internet connection, check the wiring connections carefully from the modem to the router.
  • After identifying the wiring connection checkbox, tap the NEXT button.

As asked by the app, restart your modem. If your ISP settings have not finished, tap to set up your ISP, then move on to the next. 

NOTE: – If your setting has static IP, PPPoE over VLAN, you need to enter these settings manually. You can skip this process if you want to proceed with the Orbi setup without an internet connection. Tap on SKIP to leave this option behind.

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