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How to Select a Managed Live Chat Service to Use on a Website

Although we are buying and using more services online than ever before, the success of your business will still be leveraged on excellent customer service. For this reason, implementing managed live chat into your business can be a game changer when it comes to success. Choosing a managed live chat service for your website can seem daunting, but focusing on some key factors can help make the decision easier.

Ease of Installation and Use

Choosing a managed live chat service that is user-friendly (especially if tech isn’t your forte) is an important factor for the simplicity and sustainability of your customer support. You want to select a service that is easy to understand and deploy without having to call for tech support.

Management Features

Look for live chat services that allow you to measure and monitor chat performance, chat routing, and chat activity. These customization options and how they can integrate with your CRM systems will increase the productivity of your staff and further enhance the customer experience. Customization and setting options will benefit your business by promoting brand image, and allow customer use to be optimized by controlling all aspects of the chat window.

This includes fonts, style, colors, banners, and languages. You will also want to control the way you view reports, the messages shown, and the ability to customize offline message forms.

The ease of integration into your website should also be seamless and mobile-friendly. By selecting a mobile-friendly managed live chat, you can help customers make informed decisions, provide support anywhere, anytime, and ensure you never miss out on leads.


In general, live chat conversations are very cost-efficient. While there are free live chat services available, you’ll most likely want to pay for a reputable service that can allow for scalability as your business grows. Select a service that allows for flexible pricing plans that fit your current budget but can also accommodate your needs down the line. While budget is an important aspect of running a business, affordability alone won’t make your business successful or your product valuable. Choose a service that caters to the size and scope of your business and weigh the true cost of what managed live-chat services will bring to the table.

Support Level

Choose a managed live chat that prioritizes customer support through excellent communication, both with the customer and your staff. Selecting a live-chat provider that delivers timely, conversational feedback will increase customer loyalty. Dependable managed live-chat support will follow the context and process of customer inquiries in order to immediately address consumer concerns. You’ll want to determine your live-chat staffing requirements closely, including agent experience, problem-solving skills, and the ability to research the customer’s communication history and knowledge base.

By following these basic guidelines, you can choose a managed live chat service that meets your business needs, helps you provide exceptional customer service, and is an excellent investment in the success of your website. Choosing the right managed live chat service will help improve your company’s operations and overall success.

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