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How to Score Good Marks in the EmSAT English Exam?

Making preparations for each subject in the EmSAT exam is very important to pass the exam with flying colours. Learn how to score good marks in the EmSAT English Exam in this article. 

Types Of Questions in EmSAT English 

There are majorly four aspects that will be tested in English, they are,

  • Grammar

Test takers are graded on their ability to choose the right word or words to finish a phrase in the Grammar sections of the exam. The majority of the grammar content is based on the

 Multiple-choice questions are possible, fill in the blanks, drag and drop, or rearrange words to create a sentence are all options.

  • Vocabulary 

Short multiple-choice vocabulary tests in the Vocabulary sections gauge students’ knowledge of the high-frequency terms necessary for efficient functioning.

In an environment with the English language. The majority of the vocabulary is based on English.

In an academic setting, words that are suited to the culture are helpful. inquiries can be multiple-choice, fill-in-the-blanks, drag-and-drop, or rearranging words to construct sentences are all examples of quiz types.

  • Reading 

The reading ability of test takers is tested, there are two forms of reading that are tested which are;

  • Close Reading Exercises:

The level-appropriate words have been removed from the short (200-word) readings in the Cloze reading passage sections, leaving blanks for test-takers to fill in. The omitted words are shown above the

Test takers drag the words to fill in the gaps in the text.

  • Extended Reading:

Three reading passages—descriptive, narrative, or both—are included in this section.

Instructive texts with word counts between 275 and 550. Tested reading abilities consist of:

Finding the primary idea, providing basic information, determining the meaning of a phrase that is unfamiliar,

Understanding what is implied, inference, and sequencing (appreciating the hierarchy of events). Multiple-choice questions are asked about reading passages.

  • Writing:

One writing task makes up the Writing component. A word processor is required for the response, which should be 200–250 words long. There are Arabic and English versions of the prompt. At least two experts evaluate the task using a comprehensive approach.

a band on the writing scale (see Appendix 3 for details), and the test-taker is given a band on the

CEFR ranges from A1 to C2. The overall score includes Writing.

Four scores are given to test takers in the Achieve English exam: 

EmSAT Overall Score (between 300 and 2000): the sum of the Reading and Writing sections.

Reading Score: A CEFR band is given for reading, which covers grammar and vocabulary problems as well as various reading passages. Drag and drop, fill-in-the-blanks, multiple choice, and sentence rearranging are all acceptable questions kinds. 

Writing Score: Based on a 250-word, typed essay submitted in 30 minutes on a single topic, a CEFR band is given for writing.

EmSAT Band: This represents the student’s total CEFR level between A1 and C2 by integrating them

How to Score Good Marks in the EmSAT English Exam

Here are tips on how to score good marks in the EmSAT English Exam.

  • Know your level:

Are you a beginner or a pro in English, it is paramount to know the level you are at, as this will make you know areas you need help and how you could help yourself, what you should pay extra attention to and what you don’t really have to spend much time on.

Select each tested aspect of English in EmSAT and work diligently on each aspect, especially the ones you are weak in, this will help you grow and certainly ace your English EmSAT exam.

  • Register for EmSAT English Preparation Course:

It is very important that you register for the EmSAT institute in Dubai as this will help you have a lot of resources around you. You would be able to leverage on people’s knowledge, time, and available resources, this will help you ace the exam.

  • Source for Resources:

There are a lot of resources on the Internet, search for resources that will help you prepare at your very best for the English. 

You could also join forums that are created for the basics of English EmSAT as this will enable you to have easy access to resources.

  • Work on your writing skills:

Since writing is an aspect tested in the exam, then it is very important to take some time to focus on your writing skill.

Don’t write too few words; you need to write 200–250. Your band score could be affected if you write less than this amount. Start to estimate how many words you typically write on a single line. By doing this, you may get an idea of how many words you have written without having to constantly count them — you won’t have time for that! 

Don’t write excessively, instead of quantity, the examiner is searching for quality! Don’t write more just for the sake of writing more; you won’t necessarily earn better grades for it. This will largely depend on how well you can write. A higher level person who needs less time to proofread their grammar will have more time to write. 

If this isn’t the case for you, make sure to write at least the required number of words and use your spare time to proofread your grammar.

  • Work on your Reading skills:

Just as the writing skill is very important, so also is the reading skill, you have to practice for the reading questions. 

Passages for Cloze Reading Test takers in the Cloze reading passage parts observe gaps in short readings (90 to 120 words) or longer readings (170-200 words) when level-appropriate words have been eliminated. Test takers drag the words to fill in the missing words from a list of removed terms that is shown above the text. Extra Reading Between 450 and 550 words long, the reading materials in this phase of the course can be either explanatory, descriptive, or both. Finding the main concept, simple factual facts, determining pronoun reference, figuring out what an unknown word means, comprehending implication (what is implied), and sequencing are among the reading skills examined (understanding the order of events).


Acing the English EmSAT exam is very important, if you are preparing for EmSAT, this article is for you. 

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