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How to Save Money on Anime Subscriptions

Nothing beats binge-watching your favorite series or episodes without breaking the bank. And anime subscriptions can become costly quickly if we want all those amazing features like HD streaming, no ads and quick episode releases.

Like myself, you likely spend much of your free time binge-watching anime shows and movies. From Dark series like Attack on Titan to emotional rollercoasters like Your Lie in April,  anime has something for everyone

Subscription fees to premium streaming services can add up quickly, especially if you need access to new releases right away. Sometimes, different anime releases on different platforms. And spending money on each platform can be expensive. 

But did you know there’s another way? Rather than sacrifice your hard-earned cash just so you can enjoy quality anime, why not look into investing in an anime subscription service instead?

This blog post will introduce the world of anime subscriptions, and I will offer some helpful advice and strategies on how to enjoy its wonders without breaking the bank. From my own experiences I know a thing or two about this space. Some trials, errors and lessons learned that I want to pass along

Why Anime Subscriptions Can Be Expensive

Different Types of Subscriptions

Let’s first discuss the various subscription plans currently available. Generally, every platform has the basic plan, which offers adequate video quality but may contain ads, while premium plans offer an ad-free experience and early access to episodes. I once took out one such premium plan for early access of anime but its monthly fee wasn’t exactly small

Added Costs Like Premium Features

Initial subscription costs might seem affordable, but an anime fan (me included!) tends to crave premium features like HD quality video without ads and being the first one to watch new episodes as soon as they arrive. These premium features can add up quickly. If you take inflation in count, it increases further

Once the numbers add up, anime hobby costs can become costly. I was recently amazed to discover just how much money was being spent on various streaming services, anime merchandise, etc. An easily forgotten cost when caught up in the excitement of new series or seasons!

Top Ways to Save Money

Now that we understand how anime can lighten our wallets, let’s discuss ways we can save some money. Over the years I have tried various strategies and am here to share what worked for me and could work for you too.

Bundle Offers

Let’s explore more deeply the power of bundle offers. Most of us enjoy watching movies, TV shows, and sports as much as anime. Therefore some streaming services recognize this and offer packages where you can access more than just anime. Hulu provides such a package where subscribers gain access to an impressive library of shows including anime while still paying less than subscribing individually. 

I found my bundle to be especially handy last year with Netflix and Disney+ and saved money while fulfilling weekend plans. 

Seasonal Sales and Promotions

Who doesn’t love a good deal, right? These are most common during big holiday seasons like Christmas, New Year, or events like Black Friday and Cyber Monday. I have scored some pretty sweet deals during these times. I once got a yearly subscription for nearly half the price during a New Year sale. 

The key is to keep an eye out and maybe even set a reminder so you don’t miss these golden opportunities. Subscribe to newsletters from your favorite streaming services or follow them on social media to get timely updates on sales. I do this all the time, and it has never let me down.

Use Referral Codes

Many streaming platforms offer referral programs where you and a friend can both get discounts or even free months of service if you refer someone who signs up. Now, this is a win-win if I ever saw one.

Don’t hesitate to share those referral codes with your anime-loving friends or family members. Not only will you help them discover the magic of anime, but you will also give your wallet a little break. All you need to do is share your unique code, and when someone signs up using it, both of you get to reap the rewards.

Family and Group Plans

Family and group plans can be an incredible gift from a person who loves anime if you share an interest with family or friends who all share your passion. By splitting the cost among multiple users, this reduces individual prices significantly. 

Last summer I realized my cousin and I were paying separately for subscriptions of Crunchyroll. Therefore we decided to team up and get family plans together with two more friend

Free Trials

Everyone likes free stuff, right? To reel you in, many streaming services provide free trials that last anywhere from 14-30 days. Not only is this a way for streaming services to hook you in but it’s also your opportunity to test out a service without spending anything.

I can count the times free trials have allowed me to sample anime series without spending a penny. Although, you should keep track of the free trial; otherwise you may get charged. I made that mistake once after just 14 days and got charged for an additional month

Student Discounts

Many of you might not know this, but some streaming services offer student discounts. I have a friend who’s in college, and he’s paying less than what I pay for the same service. 

So if you are a student, make sure to take advantage of this. You are already paying enough for books and tuition; no need to add a hefty anime subscription to the list.

Use Gift Cards

Our final money-saving strategy involves using gift cards. Although gift cards might seem unnecessary at first, there can be great financial benefits associated with their use. 

Sometimes stores and online platforms offer discounted cards during special promotions or holiday seasons. I once got a $50 card for only $40 at one such sale. I used this gift money to watch the new season of Haikyuu. You could then apply these gift cards towards subscription payments to reduce overall subscription costs.

Beware of Hidden Costs

All streaming platforms are businesses. Sometimes there are hidden costs that can sneak up and bite us all in the pocketbook. You might have no idea about such costs.

Additional Costs for Special Releases

Special Releases:- Depending on your platform of choice, some platforms require you to pay extra in order to access movies or episodes not part of their regular library. I was taken aback when I learned I needed an additional subscription in order to watch “Demon Slayer,” an unexpected expense I hadn’t anticipated. That extra cost may have slipped through your fingers.

Data Charges

If you are streaming anime on your mobile using data, you might run into additional costs, especially if you exceed your data limit. This happened to me once when I was binge-watching “One Piece” on a long journey. Trust me, data overages can cost more than an extra bag of popcorn.


Ah, auto-renewals! Many platforms set your subscription to renew automatically by default and you could find yourself unaware until a charge appears on your bank statement. It is beneficial if you have enough money and you do not want to spend time renewing the subscription.


We have covered why anime subscriptions can be pricey to saving money and avoiding hidden costs. Hopefully these tips can be as helpful for you as they were for me. Hopefully they help save some of you some money too. Being an anime fan doesn’t require spending a fortune. With some careful planning and smart choices you can enjoy all your anime without bankrupting yourself in the process.

Uneeb Khan
Uneeb Khan
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