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How to Remodel Your Bathroom on a Budget

A limited budget doesn’t mean you can’t remodel your bathroom. Plenty of small, inexpensive ideas exists regarding bathroom remodeling, making it easy to give the space a proverbial facelift. Let’s check out a few of the very best bathroom remodeling ideas on Joel & Co Construction, The budget courtesy of your favorite Los Angeles general contractors:

Paint the Walls

Painting is always a go-to in terms of inexpensive remodeling projects, and with good reason. A small to medium-sized can of paint is plenty depending on the size of your bathroom; look for acrylic semi-gloss options for best results. Paint also protects walls and ceilings from moisture and water. Go for one solid color, create a mural, or try a few contrasting colors…it’s up to you!

Update Fixtures

Small details such as faucets, cabinet drawer pulls, towel racks, and light fixtures easily lend themselves to budget-conscious bathroom updates. Update dingy faucets and outdated fixtures with sleek new options to modernize your bathroom. Another option is to go the used route via eBay and similar sites and find new or antique possibilities for cheap.

Fix Broken Tile

Tile Does bathroom flooring or walls feature a few broken or chipped tiles? While replacing tile floors and walls often gets expensive quickly, switching out a few broken tiles for new ones won’t break the piggy bank. It also looks much, much better!

Add New Rugs

If your bathroom rugs are worn from foot traffic and so stained no amount of washing machine time can save them, throw them out. Big, extra-plush rugs that protect feet from cold tile feel great and add significantly to the room’s aesthetic quality.

Use Caulk

Fresh applications of caulk do wonders for bathrooms as well. Grimy grout looks terrible, no matter how lovely your bathroom otherwise is. Add straight, clean caulk lines to bathroom sinks and tubs, and enjoy how much better the room looks.

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