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How to Refine A Dissertation Topic? Tips To Enhance Your Research

Keeping in mind that you can only choose one topic for your dissertation, you sat, researched extensively, and compiled a long list of dissertation topics; what is next? Yes, you guessed it right. The next step is to refine all the topics and decide on one. But how? This “how” is the main query that today’s article is going to discuss. It will discuss all the tips you must be aware of to select a topic. There will be a mention of how further research will enhance the chances of getting a good research topic. But let’s start today’s discussion by explaining a refined topic.

What Does It Mean To Refine A Dissertation Topic?

As an academic researcher, you can never be sure of what you can find. You may find a topic that is too broad. Or you may find out that your research topic is too narrow. Either way, you have to change the topic. To change the topic, you go through a different research process. That research process is typically named refining the dissertation topic process. I hope you have completely understood this process. But one thing that you still do not have any idea about is how to refine the topics. So, let’s discuss those strategies to make this process icing on the cake for you.

Top Tips To Refine A Dissertation Topic For Better Research

From the discussion above, you know what refining the research topic means. Now, let’s see how, in reality, you can refine them. Hence, a brief description consisting of the top tips is as follows:

Check The Requirements Of Your University And Professor

The first tip is to check the university’s and your professor’s requirements. Without knowing these, you cannot even choose a topic, let alone refine it. Therefore, you must revisit the university requirements by visiting the university portal. Try to understand them completely because sometimes students do not pay attention to them at the start. Therefore, understating those requirements now will help you a lot in refining the topics.

In addition, you must also revisit your teacher’s guidelines. By revisiting the handout provided, you can solve a lot of refining problems. It is because the teachers tell about the major research points in that handout. Therefore, it is important to read and understand the requirements of the university and the teacher once again.

Determine The Relevance Of The Selected Topics

Determining the relevance of the selected topic to your subject area is another tip you need to focus on. Rule out the topics that are not relevant to your niche at all. Do this in a case where the topic is completely irrelevant. However, if you feel that a topic is relevant enough, keep that topic for the later stage.

To find the topic’s relevance, you can use the CRAAP test. The CRAAP is an acronym in which each word has a different meaning. The word R here is of our interest as it stands for relevance. Moreover, you need to answer the following questions for relevance:

  • Does the information relate to your topic and answer your research questions?
  • Is the topic at an intermediate level (not too broad and narrow)?
  • Would you be comfortable with choosing this topic?

By answering the questions mentioned above, you will be better able to define the relevancy. In return, your topics will get refined. However, if you are unable to answer these questions, you can buy dissertation online completely.

Get Help From Your Dissertation Supervisor

Your supervisor is the best person to refine your dissertation topic. Suppose you feel uncomfortable with your previous topic. Or you are not interested in your previous topic anymore. Either way, you should consult with your teacher or supervisor. He can help you and provide you with the best possible guidance. Your supervisor may change the topic based on your strengths and weaknesses. Or he may suggest to you some ways refine the previous topic. All in all, the main point is that consult with your supervisor.

Evaluate All The Topics On The Basis Of Some Parameters

The next step you need to perform when looking to refine your dissertation topic is evaluating all the topics based on some parameters. These parameters can be research questions, importance, presence in the literature, and feasibility. When you evaluate the topics based on these things, you will surely be left with a few topics to choose from.

It is critically important that you know what your research questions are. You must also know the literature present on each topic that you have selected before. It is because knowing these things important for thorough refining of the topic. Feasibility is one of the most important points that must be considered. Your selected topic must be easy to research and have at least 100 research papers and articles. The professors of the top UK universities say that, after the evaluation process, you must have a maximum of three to five topics to decide on.

Decide On The Refined Topic And Stick To It

The last step is the decision step. It is a step as well as a tip because still, you have got more than three dissertation topics in hand. At this point, consider consulting your friends and teachers to know which topic is most suitable for you. Although you know yourself better than anyone, a consultation can be beneficial. Sometimes, your friends put up such a point that you also do not know about. Listen to your heart if you do not want to disclose your topics to your friends. Listen to your heart and decide on one topic that is the most relevant and interesting. Get dissertation writing help wherever necessary.


Refining a dissertation topic is more hectic than finding one. You have to research from the beginning, and this time you have to use some enhanced research techniques. Anyways, if you follow the steps mentioned above, you can better refine a topic. These are tested tips and tricks.

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