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How to prepare your home for home movers?

You’ve decided to make the move? Congrats you are at right place.
Moving to a new home is exciting, but we know how much preparation it takes to get there. To help you navigate the ins and outs of the moving process, we’ve put together a helpful checklist for preparing your home and best movers in dubai.

Disassemble your furniture

If you have pieces of furniture that are large or inconvenient to move, make sure they are disassembled and packed flat before the removal arrives. Help can be provided to disassemble and reassemble beds, but removing drawers, removing doors, and taking apart large bookcases (for example) are all things that need to be done ahead of time.

Application of packaging materials

Don’t kid yourself and go into the packing process completely unprepared. Before you box your items, contact your local packing solution company to purchase everything you need to protect your belongings. Consider getting a few different sized boxes that can hold different loads, bubble wrap to protect fragile pieces, packing peanuts, and some wrapping paper. Keep some old towels and blankets on hand to protect larger pieces of furniture as well.

Be strategic in your packing

Make life easier for the removers (and for your box base) by carefully considering how you load each box. Avoid boxes that are too heavy and difficult to lift by reserving smaller boxes for your heavier items and larger boxes to fill with lighter items. If you are packing very few items in large boxes, start by packing the heaviest items first and placing the lightest items on top.

Label your boxes

Labeling the boxes correctly saves a lot of time on the other end. Clearly mark the room it belongs to on the top and sides of the box so they can be emptied into the corresponding rooms in the new home. It is also useful to keep a list of the contents of each box. That way, if you’re looking for something in particular when unpacking, you can quickly and easily see what’s in each box.

Defrost the refrigerator

Most refrigerators take a few hours to fully defrost, so it’s important to start the process at least a day before the defroster arrives. Empty the contents of the refrigerator and freezer in Eskise of ice, lay down some towels, unplug the refrigerator, and leave the refrigerator and freezer doors open overnight to melt the ice. Before the remover arrives, clean it quickly to remove food and water residue.
If the process of packing seems a bit overwhelming or difficult to fit into your busy lifestyle, you may want to consider paying for a full pack and move service. Having a moving team attend and expertly pack your household goods (from sheds to beds and pillows) saves a lot of time and effort on your part.

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