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How to Prepare for a Job Interview as Node.js Developer?

Job interviews can be stressful even when you are entirely confident about your skills and knowledge. Some people are always stressed out when they have an interview, even though they are exceptional professionals in what they do.

Many think that programmers and developers are very confident when it comes to this part of their careers. But the truth is they also need to prepare appropriately and ensure the recruiter they are the right ones for the position.

First, your resume must show you are dedicated to the tasks but also that you have relevant experience. It’s the first thing recruiters get to know about you, so make sure you don’t use pre-ready templates that require no effort to complete. Even when you think it’s not essential, many employers will pay attention to the resume before they invite you for an interview.

So, if you apply for a Node.js developer, you have to adjust your CV for the particular position. That will ensure an invitation where you can show you are eligible for the companies looking to hire dedicated Node js developers.

But, there comes the more difficult part, the technical interview. We are sure you can represent exceptional soft skills. But when you have a technical interview, we have some interesting tips on how to prepare for it.

1. Preparation

The first step to any job interview is preparation. Make sure you are completely ready before going to your interview. You need to know what questions they may ask you about yourself and how you would answer them.

Also, practice answering their questions. What if they do something unexpected? How would you respond? Be prepared for anything.

2. Get to Know the Company Better

Take some time and check on their website and social media pages. Get familiar with their mission, integrity, corporate values, and company vision. All the recruiters and potential employers are aware candidates do this, but they still value it most.

3. Which way Will the Interview be Scheduled?

Some companies stick to online meetings and prefer them more than the usual one-on-one way. If you are a freelance node js developer, you don’t even need to meet in person. The good thing is that it works perfectly for part-time and full-time positions too.

If they ask you which way you prefer it, make sure you choose the one that seems more comfortable for you. Some candidates like in-person meetings, so they can express their eligibility for the position.

On the other hand, we suggest accepting the option they offer, especially if you really care about getting that job.

4. Prepare for the Technical Part

Some companies run the recruitment process in phases, and others prefer to test your skills immediately. The second way works well if you have a great resume and rich LinkedIn profile. They are aware of the formal things, so the technical part is the most obvious step when they call you. 

Additionally, you can find the most common nodejs interview questions online and see if you can answer most of them. They may even ask you to perform a short test to estimate your technical skills before moving to the next part of the recruitment.

Some of the questions they may ask are:

  • What is Node.js, and where can we use it?
  • What’s the purpose of Node.js?
  • Define the term I/O and how it’s relevant for Node.js.
  • What types of apps can you build using it?
  • What are modules?
  • What is npm?
  • Which libraries do we use most often?
  • The pros and cons of using Node.js?
  • What is an event loop?

Things can even get more technical in the following phases, and you may be asked to explain how particular functions work and what packages you need to use to call out specific data.

Keep your answers concise and direct, without explaining more than you are asked. These are some basic technical questions so the employers can see if it’s worth proceeding with the recruitment or if you don’t satisfy the required level of expertise for the position.

After the Interview

The interview aftermath is an important period for both employer and potential employee. The employers should review all the applications and choose between the most eligible candidates. On the other hand, the candidate decides if they like the people they met during the interview.

Surely employers need to make an important decision, but you, as a dedicated Node.js developer, should decide what you want too. If something seems off, or you don’t like the company’s discipline, you have the right to ask more questions and even inform them if you are no longer interested in the role.

If you are still unsure, by the time you are waiting for a response, you can explore a few more things about the company.

Take your time and research your potential future employer’s core values. What kind of people does the company hire? Do they value diversity, inclusion, empathy, respect, kindness, generosity, integrity, honesty, humility, responsibility, accountability, gratitude, patience, persistence, compassion, self-awareness, discipline, focus, passion, and perseverance? If not, then maybe you shouldn’t take a position there.

There are a few possible scenarios: they offer you a job and start negotiating the terms, they invite you to a final interview, or decide to hire some of the other Node.js developers who applied.

In the final stage, you can ask questions, so it’s you who gives the final answer.

Final Notes

Even if things don’t go as planned, and you don’t get hired this time, learn the lesson and prepare better for the next one. There are always attractive job openings for Node.js developers, so we are sure you can find the company that nurtures the preferred values and offers the best conditions to you.

Until then, don’t forget to practice and grow. Even if you get this job, you need to proceed with learning and keeping up with all Node.js updates. Join some online community, or take a course to enhance your professional performance. That’s how you stay competitive in the market and attractive to recruiters.

Uneeb Khan
Uneeb Khan
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