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How To Manage Your Finance By Study Abroad Consultants In Chandigarh

Studying from different parts of India to abroad is increasing every year. More than 750K+ scholars opt to study foreign. It requires a lot of research and investment. However, the crucial factor in your studies abroad is finance. One must have a good arrangement of funds before applying to any foreign institute. One can either arrange it on their own or take a loan from a bank. Moreover, you can even consult study abroad consultants to get help. They will help you in the clearance of your loan and guide you better than anyone else. Once you get into a foreign nation, you have to be careful. Moreover, you have to learn how to keep control of your expenses. Look out to study abroad consultants Chandigarh to have an idea of expenses.

Find out in this article where you will have to spend and how you can manage your money.

Areas Where You Have To Spend Money

When applying to any place, you must spend some money on it. Let’s see where you will have to invest your money.

Tuition Fees

It is a must factor where you need to put your money. However, it depends on the institute or country you are applying, also it is an unavoidable factor. It may be a one-time investment, or you may have to pay seasonally. Thus, it varies accordingly. One can seek help from study abroad consultants Chandigarh to get a rough idea of the required fees.


Living is another crucial one after tuition fees. These two are the biggest areas where you have to spend more. Moreover, it depends on your lifestyle and the facilities you choose. Still, it is more or less the same for everyone.


It is an occasional factor, but still, it contributes to your budget. Travelling to and from India or abroad requires you to spend money. It may include your flight, bus or taxi costs. One can connect with study abroad consultants to arrange an affordable travel for you. 

Food & Clothing

These two are one’s basic needs where one has to spend. Moreover, these also vary from person to person. However, it still contributes a good amount to your spending.


It includes one’s all the extra costs, like your books, materials, parties etc. However, they do not need more of your money, but you can’t avoid it.

Role Of Study Abroad Consultants In Managing Your Finance

The overseas educational firms aid in your journey of studying abroad. They provide you with an overall idea and guide you well during and after your studies. Study abroad agencies provide you with many advantages. Let’s see how they help you with finance. 

Budgeting & Cost Estimation

The study abroad consultants help in calculating the proper amount of your expenses. It will include your stay, study, food, etc. They will provide you with a full plan and instructions on managing your finances. 

Loan Guidance

Suppose if in case, you fall short of budget, they will help you with the loan process. Moreover, if you need to take a loan, you must consult the experts. They will guide you well with repayment terms, interest rates and others. 

Part-Time Job Opportunities

To manage your stay abroad, a job along with studies is a good option for you. You can look for consultants like Gradding.com, the best study abroad consultants Chandigarh, to find a good job option for you. They help you out based on your skills and interests.


They play an important part in funding your studies. Every nation provides different types of scholarships to international scholars. Moreover, the firm helps you in finding a scholarship that suits your profile and needs. 

Tips To Manage Your Finance

The fact that you need a lot of money to study abroad is true. However, you can manage your costs and expenses if you follow these tips from study abroad consultants. Let’s see the tips to save your money: 

Get a part-time job:

You can easily do a job of 3-4 hours per day with your studies. It will help you manage your finances and you can comfortably complete your studies abroad. 

Spend less on parties:

You must not spend more on extras like movies or parties. However, they are useful in making your mind relax. But, one should learn to spend wisely. 

Search for a student discount:

Almost every nation provides many offers and discounts to students on everything. You can get yourself a student card to travel inside the city on state-funded transport. This will help you in cutting down your expenses and save more. However, you can consult study abroad consultants to know more about such varying discounts. 


Studying abroad is a dream for many students. It requires a lot of research to choose the best course and institute. Along with that, finance is an important factor one should consider before planning for overseas education. The study abroad agencies may help you by providing you with a detailed view of your finances. They will inform you about the areas where you have to spend and where you can save. As saving money is very important, you must learn to save it.

Hope this article gave you information about how much you need to spend on your education. Also, the ways where you can save and how study abroad consultants may help you in your journey.

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