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How to Make Shoppable Instagram posts and Stories

Get ready! Shoppable Instagram feeds will totally change the way you conduct business. If you’re an e-commerce company that is advertising on Instagram You may have difficulty trying to convert those faithful Instagram followers into paying customers. Because of shoppable tags this issue is now a no-go. Let’s look into all you should learn about the possibility of buying tags on Instagram and how to make these tags, as well as how you can use them to boost the value of your company in a huge way. Other way of doing this is to buy followers on Instagram at cheap prices through BFM.

What are the Shoppable Posts?

Shoppable Instagram posts have a sticker or tag to allow users to get more information about the item being featured. In this photo from the health as well as beauty company ella +mila for instance, each nail color is tagged with a product tag. Instagram users can click on the tag of the product to get more details about the product, and then visit the company’s website. In some instances, customers may even buy products from the app without leaving Instagram. Instagram initially introduced these post-shoppable items with tests within the U.S. in 2016. The product tags were made accessible to everyone, and gained popularity throughout the year. The feature for in-app checkout is a newer development and was tested with some large brands in March 2019. Then, the brands are experiencing significant growth by utilizing these e-commerce options.

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With more than 90% of users who follow at most 1 brand or brand name on Instagram It’s obvious that Instagram is among the most well-known social media platforms for marketing on in the present. The most impressive aspect is the potential for revenue it can bring to businesses trying to increase their stream of customers A recent survey revealed the following: 130 million Instagram users use daily shopping posts! Instagram Stories are particularly relevant, with 62% of users claim they’ve been more attracted to a brand or product after viewing it in Instagram Stories. With the clear intention to buy on Instagram marketers must be asking themselves “How can create it to be as simple as it is for Instagrammers to buy something?

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 ” In the past, one of the biggest aspects of running a business using Instagram wasn’t the ability of sharing clickable links from images of products to a shopping cart. You could, at best, attempt to point users to a URL on your profile. But we’ll be honest, the #linkinbio option is a bit of a long shot. The latest Instagram capabilities and integrations make it simpler than ever before to streamline the purchasing process for customers.

How to Begin With Shoppable Posts

Anyone selling products through their own website can utilize tags for their products in Instagram. Before you start it’s best to study Instagram’s business policies and ensure that your business follows Instagram guidelines. In accordance with Facebook as well as Instagram policy on commerce which are listed below, the following are not allowed: Adult-oriented products

  • Alcohol
  • Animals
  • Fluids or body parts
  • Electronic devices and digital media
  • Discrimination
  • Documents such as currency, documents, and financial instruments
  • Gambling
  • Materials and hazardous goods
  • Sexual exploitation and human exploitation
  • Ingestion-friendly supplements
  • Jobs
  • Healthcare and medical products
  • Deceitful, misleading or offensive
  • There is no item available for sale.

Link your Shopify account to your Instagram

The giant of online commerce Shopify developed the most popular third-party integration that allows shopping on Instagram. When you connect the Instagram account of your Instagram account with your Shopify Store, you can offer your followers an in-app shopping experience that is secure and error-free beginning with discovery and through checkout. Additionally it allows you to maintain an inventory that’s synchronized across all your channels including social media, online marketplaces and online stores. To add the items that you purchase from Shopify for the Instagram personal profile first you need to include to the Instagram sales channel.


Sephora is a beauty brand. Sephora has quite well in terms of Instagram marketing. Sephora has 19.8 million followers who hang on for the instructional videos as well as games and rewards that Sephora frequently releases. Sephora is an excellent source of informative content to its followers however, the brand recognizes when it’s time to change to sales mode. If you look through the Sephora IG feed you’ll see that almost every post has a tag for a product. Sephora generally posts flatlay images as well as tags several products with each post. Many of the images of products that are posted are images that were taken by customers or collaboration brands. Sephora is also focused on gaining the attention of its users to share their most loved Sephora Collection product in the comments.


Converse utilizes lots of tags for products but takes a different style -the brand Converse publishes mostly lifestyle images in lieu of flatlays. The vibrant photos offer Converse the opportunity to work with small influencers and artists. Converse typically chooses to highlight only one item per photo choosing to let that item shine. Similar to the majority of shops on Instagram images, it is possible to are able to browse the merchandise on Converse’s Converse website in two clicks.


Madewell often creates shoppable Instagram posts to aid their 1.4 million followers understand more about the company’s products. The high-quality photos — including images of lifestyle and others that are traditional images of products — are paired into a stream that has gorgeous colors and plenty of options to shop. Madewell is also has a note in its bio telling users the best ways to shop: “read our stories + shop our feed by clicking the link, then tap on the image.”

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