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How to make Acrylic Customized Keychains?

A custom acrylic keychain may be one of the best options if you want a unique gift for your loved ones. Anyone who gets this useful and personal present will love it. Moreover, customized acrylic keychains are incredibly inexpensive to make. It is something that everyone can use, and one of the best parts is that you can make it unique. You can use any combination of colors and words you like. As an acrylic custom keychain maker, many services are available on the internet. They provide various colors, shapes, and styles for customized acrylic keychains, but making your own is a unique experience. 

There is no doubt that customized acrylic keychains are a thoughtful gift. It is easy to make a customized acrylic keychain, as you need a blank acrylic keychain, Vinyl, and a vinyl cutter. You can use up scraps when you learn how to make customized acrylic keychains. While making these as a custom project gives you less flexibility. You can make these as a gift for your friends and families. 

Of course, there is nothing like a personalized gift. It is one of the best perks of making your own. You can easily personalize them with a name, an initial or a monogram, or even a company logo. Since it’s a small craft, you can make it on any circuit smart cutting machine with joy. This short guide will teach you how to make your own acrylic keychain. 

Things You Need to Make Your Customized Acrylic Keychain:

It would be best if you had some important things to make your customized acrylic keychain. As a custom keychain maker, it recommends that you gather these things before start making your keychain. There are also some necessary things that you need to keep in mind always wipe down your acrylic round with alcohol. So your Vinyl will adhere better. However, if you are worried about the vinyl lifting, you can cut out a clear vinyl circle. 

Place that piece on the top of your design. Don’t forget that always be gentle when removing the film from your acrylic piece. So, you don’t scratch the surface. The most fun thing about making customized acrylic keychains is that they are personalized. You can especially use someone’s favorite saying, image, animal, color, or anything else. Sure, it is a great way to make the perfect gift. You can take help from a custom keychain maker to give a professional look to your keychain. The surface does pick up fingerprints. Therefore, try to touch it as little as possible. If you get fingerprints, wipe them with alcohol at the end. Here is a list of some essential things you need to make Acrylic customized keychains. 

  • Permanent Vinyl in a top color and background color
  • Pliers
  • Basic Tool Set
  • Clear Vinyl to protect your keychain
  • Standard Grip Mat
  • Awl
  • Transfer Tape
  • Keychain spaces and equipment (you can also get a complete collection with tassels)
  • Circuit Cutting Machine equipment

Choose the Design and Size of Your Keychain:

There are some apps available on the internet that help you to browse hundreds of images and phrases. You can also create your design according to your taste. The best custom keychain maker will guide you about the selection of design. After selecting the design, insert it onto the top of the Brushed Background. Make sure select different colors for the background. You can choose the perfect design for the person who will get your keychain. So, they cut on different colors of Vinyl. Then it’s time to size the image to fit your blanks and send it to your circuit for cutting.

Cut the Design:

Once you have chosen and set your favorite design on the canvas, choose “Make it” in your app and follow the prompts to load the Vinyl into the machine. You will be asked to select what material you are using, then prompted to load and unload the Vinyl. According to the professional custom keychain maker, choosing more than one color for your keychain is always great. So, if your design uses more than one color, don’t worry. The app will also guide you through switching colors. Now, it’s time to cut all of your Brushed Background shapes, one or two colors of Vinyl, and your monograms on another. 

Weed and Apply Your Design:

After cutting all your pieces, it’s time to weed out any excess vinyl on the background shapes and the letters. In addition, peel away all of the extra Vinyl, which is not part of your design. After that, cut a piece of adhesive or clear paper, and apply it on top of your design. Use a brushing tool that will allow you to apply and adhere the Vinyl to it. Now, peel the transfer paper up; your design should come with it, leaving the white backing behind. 

Apply Your Design to the Blank of the Keychain:

After peeling away the protective covering on both sides of the acrylic blank, position the vinyl design where you want them to go. You can also take suggestions from your custom keychain maker, who will share some great tips and techniques required to make a customized acrylic keychain. Again, firmly rub the design, then remove the transfer paper. Finally, your Vinyl will adhere to the Acrylic.

Give a Final Look to Your Customized Acrylic Keychain: 

Use your awl to press the Vinyl through the hole on top. Keep in mind that spin it a little so the Vinyl will be flush, and you have an ideal hole at the top of your component. As an acrylic custom keychain maker, it recommends slightly twisting it so the Vinyl will be flush and you get a perfect size hole for your keychain.

Finally, it would help if you had a needle-nose pair of pliers to attach the keyring. Use the jump rings to attach a key ring to your keychain. After that, to make it more elegant and beautiful, attach a tassel. Now your customized acrylic keychain is ready to give to that special person.

Finishing Tips:

Once you have completed all the processes of making a customized acrylic keychain, wipe it down with alcohol to remove any dust and fingerprints. Every acrylic custom keychain maker applies a clear vinyl to protect the design of the keychain, so you can also use this technique to give better protection to your customized acrylic keychain. To give a great gift presentation, attach it to a keychain card.


A custom acrylic keychain can be a valuable gift for anyone. You can also use it as a promotional gift. It comes in various colors and designs and is easy to carry due to its lightweight. They can play a great role as a marketing tool and can increase your brand awareness. Therefore, you can make the perfect keychain that suits them, and they will love it.

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